Sunday, May 12, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 15.5

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Run 4 miles

I did this run at Seward Park, it was gorgeous out! 

Wednesday: Strength and PT

I had a training session in the morning and it was fantastic! I learned how to do a "clean and jerk" and it was so. much. fun. Seriously, I need to try crossfit, because so far, I have loved every crossfit move I have learned with my trainer. We warmed up with 35# kettle bell swings and lunges and then moved in to learning a front squat with a 45# barbell, and the separate movements in a clean and a jerk before putting it all together. It was a short, tough workout! 

Here is an example of a hang clean and a split jerk.

After my training session I headed over to my physical therapy session. The good news is that my pelvis looked better this time than they have in, well, ever?! Every time I go my PT gets this worried, puzzled look on her face when she feels my pelvis when I squat. This time it didn't go all crazy wonky. Hooray for progress! I also got some new exercises to do at home, so that's a drag, err, I mean, great. 

Thursday: Run 4.5 miles (and walk 1.5 miles)

I took my dog, Heidi, on a walk in the morning and then came home and got ready to run. My new pre-running routine is a little bit time-intensive, so I went through all of that and had a great run, actually. I took a new route that wasn't really scenic (in fact, my scenery was semis and shipping yards!) but it was interesting to have something new to look at. I know, I know, it's a little lame that I am bored of running along a stunning waterfront, but I am! I picked up the pace a little for this run and it felt pretty good (instead of really hard) and that was a boost to my ego. 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run 7 miles

This was a decent run. I brought a Gu with me and didn't need it (better than not bringing one and needing it!). Probably because I took a Gu right before I ran, so I was fine the whole time. 

Sunday: The Color Run!

Walked this with my family for Mother's Day. It was so much fun!


  1. Casey loves Crossfit. I wonder if it would help your body get strengthened for running? Casey has been doing CF for over a year and just started running with a buddy once a week. He has endurance now that he never had before when he tried running. Not that you need endurance - you're already an awesome runner!

    Glad to hear the pelvis is doing better! The more I learn about alignment, the more amazed I am at how the body can shift around. Like a spider web, it's all wired together in a web.

    1. Thanks Holli! I think CF would definitely help. It's a tricky balance, though, because if you're working out too hard strength training, then you're either going to be injured (well, *I* would be injured) or just too darn worn out to run! I might just end up taking time off from running and giving it a go and seeing what I can do, we'll see!


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