Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 18  miles

Monday: Strength Training

I worked out with my trainer at the gym and had so.much.fun. After the warm-up we started with learning to kick up in to a handstand against a wall. I had never done that before and wasn't quite able to kick all the way up to the wall without help, but I *think* it was my nerves. It's scary to kick up in to a handstand! But after I got up I was able to hold it for a few seconds. I am looking forward to trying these a few more times.

After that we did pike push-ups (feet up on a plyo box, butt in the air, push-ups with upper body basically vertical). Those were hard.

Then it was time to move in to the weight room to learn how to do deadlifts. I practiced with an unweighted 45# bar and then I moved on to adding 50#, so 95# total. I did 4 sets of 8 deadlifts, each superset w/ 8 pull-ups. I used a band for the pull-ups (and still needed a boost from my trainer after the 4th pull-up), but I did it! It was very, very, very hard. One of those workouts where I am not quite sure if my trainer is insane or not. She seems to know exactly what my limit is. 

I'm going to buy a pull-up band to use on my own at the gym. I want to get strong enough to do a pull-up on my own, dammit! 

How to use a band for an assisted pull-up.

Tuesday: 4.5 miles run

This was a good run, if not a little warm!

Wednesday: Strength Training

I didn't have a lot of time on this morning, so I decided to pack in a few harder moves in a short workout. Started out with warm-up, then:
*3 sets of 8 inverted rows superset w/ 3 sets of 8 push-ups
*1 set of 8 2-handed pistol squats
*2 sets of 4 1-handed pistol squats
*4 sets of 8 back squats, each set w/ 45#, 55#, 65# and then 75# barbell. By FAR a back squat PR!
*3 sets of 6 hanging knee raises

Thursday: 4.5 miles run

I find that on a lot of my runs I feel good for the first half, then really exhausted the third quarter, then by the last quarter I have just enough steam to finish up. This was exactly the case for this run. It probably didn't help that the sun started blazing at about my half way point, after staying nice and hidden behind the clouds for the first half.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Strength Training

I find it really hard to pre-plan workouts at the gym if I know they will involve using the squat rack. It is often what I want to use, but is also the thing in the weight room that is most often occupied! Doesn't help there is only one. So, this was yet another workout on the fly. I tried to pay special attention to not over use my legs, as long run day is Sunday.

Warm-up, then:
*3 sets of 8 inverted rows superset w/ push-ups (on the ground! I usually use the bar to do these a little higher which makes them easier.)
*8 back squats w/ 45# bar
*8 back squats w/ 65# bar
*2 sets of 5 back squats w/ 95# bar
*4 sets of 8 bent-over rows w/ 45# bar
*1 set of 8 snatches w/ 15# dumbbell
*2 sets of 8 snatches w/ 25# dumbbell
*3 sets of 8 torso twists at 22.5# on cable machine
*3 sets of 10 roll-out planks

This video teaches how to do a dumbbell snatch squat, which is a little different 
from what I did (I did this move w/o the squat). I want to try it this way next time!

Sunday: 8.7 miles

I ran with Michael for this run, it was fantastic! 

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