Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total miles run: 13.5

Monday: Rest + PT + 1.5 mile walk/run

I have started loving going to my PT. She always has good reports for me lately. Instead of the usual report of my pelvis being out of alignment and my right hamstring being so immobile she's surprised I can even walk, things are starting to improve . . . . and improve even while increasing my mileage, which is amazing! I mostly love her, however, for believing in me, and not dismissing me as being unable to run and therefor not worth helping.

Tuesday: Walk about 1 mile or so

I missed my run on this day, but it was totally worth it, because I got to hang with a friend and walk through a beautiful old-growth forest that I didn't even know existed right in my own neighborhood!

Wednesday: Strength training w/ trainer

I wasn't a huge fan of this workout. Most things were pretty hard for me, never quite felt like I "killed it" when I struggled so much.

*3 sets of 16 squats w/ 35# plate. I don't know what these were called, but I had to squat down, touch the plate to the floor, then as I stood up swing the plate up to touch one shoulder, then repeat.
*1 set of 7 25# dumbbell snatches (I had been practicing these outside of training, so we moved on to something new)
*3 sets of 8 thrusters w/ a 15# dumbbell in each hand. SO much harder than thrusters with a barbell!
*3 sets of 8 jumping lunges, 1 set no weight, 2nd two sets with a 10# dumbbell in each hand. To do these, drop in to a lunge, then as you "explode" up, switch the position of your feet and drop in to a lunge again. There wasn't a whole lot of "exploding" when I did these. I have zero balance and zero grace when it comes to lunges.
*4 sets of 5 tricep dips on the roman chair (see video below). I needed assistance with these, I couldn't get back up after my dip. Humbling.
*3 sets of 8 straight leg raises on the roman chair superset w/ 3 sets of 6 knee raises on the roman chair (for the knee raises I was in the same position as the tricep dips)

These are the tricep dips I did. Watching this video made me nauseous remembering how hard they were and how I couldn't even do ONE unassisted. If you try these, bring a friend to boost your legs for you! 

Thursday: 5 miles run

Trying out my new cw-x running capris. My legs felt great while running but really sore when I took them off!

Friday: Rest and Massage

Saturday: Walk and Strength

*45 min walk 
*3 sets of 10 wall balls w/ 12# ball
*1 set of 8 snatches w/ 20# dumbbell and 2 sets of 8 snatches w/ 25# dumbbell
*3 sets of 8 hanging knee raises superset w/ 3 sets of 10 cable rows at 100# 
*3 stability ball planks at 1 min each

Sunday: 8.5 miles run

Pushed some of these miles to what I hope will be my half marathon pace come June 22nd! I wore my new cw-x stabilyx capris again and I think I officially love them. They feel really good and I have very little leg fatigue when I have them on. Curious to see if they end up helping with some of my injuries and pain, I have high hopes! 


  1. Nice week Sybil! I'm curious to hear more about how the cwx product goes for you. I've eyed them but they are $$, so was reluctant to make an investment without knowing more about them. You can educate me!

    1. Thanks Alma! I felt the same way, but am sort of in the camp of where I would do/buy just about anything if it promised me a more pain-free run. The reviews of these online are overwhelmingly positive and so far I really like them! My only worry is that they are too thick for warm weather. I also like to do my long runs in compression socks, so I would look mighty silly rockin' compression socks AND capris! Ha ha. My joke is that I need a full body compression garment these days . . .


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