Sunday, June 02, 2013

Longer Than Long

You guys. I had THE BEST long run this morning. One of my very favorites, ever, in fact.

One of my BRFs, who has pretty much bailed on running and now does Crossfit almost exclusively, asked me if I wanted to run a few miles with her this weekend. Since I haven't had the chance to run with her in way, way too long of course I jumped at the chance to head out with her again! Unfortunately she injured herself yesterday and couldn't run with me after all. It was disappointing, because I was so excited to spend part of my long run with her, and also because super long runs are kind of daunting alone, especially when that wasn't how you planned to run them. 

This morning I loaded up my ipod with Another Mother Runner's latest podcasts, strapped on my monster water/gear belt, and headed out for (what I thought was) a 10 mile loop. It was a beautiful sunny morning and everything was damp from an overnight rain. 

My route today. I highly recommend it if you would like 
to see a lot of West Seattle with very few hills!

My first major sight was Lincoln Park (the tip of it is the bottom of my map where the route dips down). I only got to run through the very north end of it so I could stop and use the bathroom. From there it was north on to Beach Drive, which is a along the Puget Sound, but the views are obstructed along most of it by beautiful houses. On the north end of Beach Drive is where it starts opening up to the views. I then turned on to the Alki Trail, which is the runner's paradise in West Seattle. So much fun to even run in to a couple of friends along the way. One of them was my friend Ray, who I ran the Rock-n-Roll half marathon with last summer! I hadn't seen him in forever, since he has been travelling extensively for work.

Two views from Alki.

Half way in to my run I realized I had severely under-estimated the distance of the loop I had planned. By over a mile, as it turned out! I ended my planned 10 mile run at 11.15 miles. No complaints here, however, since it was absolutely lovely out.

Sweaty girl and the Garmin with the stats! 

Not that it matters that much, but an FYI, I don't stop my Garmin for anything, so my overall time includes a bathroom break, chats with friends, waiting for stoplights, etc. I wear my Garmin when I want to know my distance, and not stopping it helps me stay unconcerned about my pace and overall time.  

I went in to the run about 50% sure that my body was NOT going to hold up. My foot has been having a weird ache on the top of it, my IT band was pretty upset with me after a run earlier last week . . . . I just wasn't feeling confident about it. My body pleasantly surprised me, however. I felt great the entire time, like I could have kept running, actually! There have been 4 mile runs I have struggled through, but for some reason, this one felt really comfortable for me. It definitely solidified that I so desperately want to be a distance runner. I want to be a marathoner. Now if only my legs agreed, or at least cooperated every day as well as they did today! 

After I got home from the run I drove down to the store to grab a bunch of bags of ice, and a gigantic coconut latte from the coffee shop. Nothing like an 11+ mile run to make you feel like you earned the largest size latte! I emptied the ice in to the kiddie pool, filled it up with hose water, and settled in  for an ice bath with a plethora of snacks and my latte. It had been a long time since I took an ice bath. They don't really bother me that much and I figured it wouldn't hurt with how injury-riddled my legs are.

The Seattle Rock-n-Roll half marathon is well within reach now, I can almost taste it! One more long run and then one weekend of a scaled back long run and then it's race day! 


  1. Great run Sybil! I've run so many variations of that loop, definitely one of my all-time favorite long-running locales :) Glad you had a great run on a beautiful day.

    1. Isn't it wonderful? We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.


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