Friday, June 21, 2013

One More Sleep!

In my second year of running the Seattle Rock-n-Roll half marathon I was already feeling over it before I ever ran it. It's a fun race, but my god, the logistics suck. But today, just like last year, the day before the race, I am super excited. Everything feels like it's coming together really well and I am ready

See, my training calendar even says I am ready! 

Last weekend I was so fortunate to meet a new friend and she and I ran a six mile loop together in my 'hood. We decided to to run this half marathon together, which basically means that we will start together, and hope to run all of the race together, but it's still every girl for herself.  Either of us is free to split off at any time. I am so happy that I have a buddy to run with this year, as that was definitely the best part of last year's race. I am also excited that the pre-race lady bloggers group photo is happening in my corral! I won't miss it this year!  

Matt and the girls will be spectating close to where they were last year (last year they were at the top of the Dakota Street hill, but this year the race is going up Genesee, so they will be on Genesee. Be sure to wave if you see them!). They will also be coming to the finish line, which they didn't do last year. I hope it's not too  much of a hassle, but it will be super fun to see them at the end. I bet the girls would like to see Hot Chelle Rae, too (which is the band this year), though we only know that one popular song. 

Yesterday I brought Iris and our friend, K, to the expo with me. I was originally going to take Iris and Eloise, but was so happy when a friend offered to have Eloise over for a playdate. Trying to bring Eloise anywhere is like trying to wrangle a gaggle of kittens, only way louder. 

We got to the expo not long after it opened and I was able to walk right up and get my bib and then snag my t-shirt and my swag bag. No problemo. 

Ready to Rock-n-Roll! 

The shirts are way cuter than last year, too. I didn't like the white from last year, not a huge fan of the red this year, but the design is awesome. Will keep hoping for a gray race shirt some day. See the gray shirt I am wearing above? It is the free one I got for signing up for RnR at the Seattle Marathon expo. It is so awesome, it says "Rock n' Roll Seattle" on the front in the style of the Pikes Place Market sign. If they made one like this, but in tech material, it would be a PERFECT race shirt. Heads up, RnR peeps. 

Front on the left, back on the right.

Then the girls and I headed through the Brooks carnival thingie and played some games. I won a t-shirt, the girls won sunglasses and a bandanna. When we played the skeeball game I got a wee bit excited and totally creamed the three little girls I was playing against. Oops. 

Modelling the swag. 

After we went through the expo and snagged all the free samples we could (OMG, the cinnamon and brown sugar pop chips by Smartfood are crazy good!) we stopped back in the Brooks carnival area for the "live show". We didn't know what it would be, but it was basically a clever marketing pitch. There was a pit of "non-newtonian fluid" in the center of the stage that apparently Brooks puts in some of their shoes. If you ran across it quickly you wouldn't sink in to it, but if you went slowly, you would. The guy on stage asked for a volunteer to come up and run through it, so our friend K raised her hand and got to go up there and give it a try.
K running through the goo.

Last night I headed to the gym for my last workout before the race. I planned on doing the elliptical and it felt pretty good. The top of my left foot is really hurting. I am waffling between thinking it's another stress fracture  or maybe it's tendonitis. I have no idea what's up, but I'm ignoring it until after the race (note: clearly this is a dumb choice). I am icing my foot several times a day and last night I dug up an old bottle of hydrocodone I didn't use from my surgery last summer. Giving the hydrocodone a try to see how it feels before I take it before the race. 

I was thinking I should carb load today with a giant vat of jelly beans, but I couldn't find my favorite ones, so I am on to plan B, which is . . . . basically eating like normal. Turns out I am carb junky 24/7. 

Stole this from It seemed appropriate! 

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