Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 21! My highest mileage week in close to a year!

Monday: Rest/Walk

I mostly rested, but Iris and I went on a little adventure that required about a mile total of walking. 

Tuesday: 5 Mile Run

A good run with no discomfort, but I was very, very sore afterwards. When I laid down in bed that night my problematic IT band seriously hurt. Luckily it felt better the next morning, but not sure what was up with that. Didn't wear my cw-x shorts, nor did I tape my IT band (which I usually do), so maybe that was part of it? 

Wednesday: Personal Training at the Gym

This was a good session. Not as difficult as the one I did the previous week. 

Warm-up: 15 squats, butt to the weighted ball. Then she had me do squats against the wall with my hands on my head to force me to keep my chest open. HARD. Then I used a bar to stretch out my arms and shoulders and back and did some high-leg kicks. Next I did "toy soliders" where you walk and kick your leg straight up and try to touch your toes. Last, I did walking "spidermans" where you drop down in to a lunge but then you try and rest your forearms on the ground next to your front leg, then stand back up, step forward, and drop again on the other leg.

Then I did part two of the warm-up, which was:
*3 sets of 15 sumo squats and 15 kettle bell swings w/ a 35# kettle bell

*2 sets of 12 single-leg deadlifts w/ 2 15# dumbbells and then 1 set of 12 w/ 20# dumbbells. I really liked these, they were a challenge mostly to keep my form and not fall over!
*3 sets of 8 bench presses. I used a 45# barbell and lowered it slowly, hovered over my chest for a couple of seconds, then "exploded" up. For some reason I couldn't ever find my rhythm on this one, but it was fun trying!
*3 sets of 18 push-ups. 1 set went like this: push-up with hands close together, then move left hand out wide for the next, then left hand back in to a regular stance for one. Then another close one, then right hand out wide, then right hand in regular stance. These were really hard. Especially the close ones.
*2 different deltoid exercises. I am not exactly sure what the names are of these, one was similar to a rear delt fly, but the videos I looked up didn't show exactly how I did them. So here's how I did them:
start with arms pointed to the ground, back flat, bent at the waist. When raising the dumbbells out in a fly, stand up straight (explode up!) and then lower arms as slowly as you can back to your sides. Repeat. I did 3 sets of those (I forget how many) with 10# dumbbells.
The next ones were interesting. I held the dumbbells again and bent over at my waist like a rag doll. Head hanging, back arched. Then I had to do a rear delt fly from that position. I guess it really isolates the shoulders? Sure felt like it did! I did two sets of 11-13 w/ 10# dumbbells and one set of 11 w/ 12# dumbbells. 

Single-leg deadlifts. Don't fall over! (And use heavier weights!)

Thursday: 5 Mile Run

I am not sure what took me so long, but I FINALLY went to Lincoln Park in my 'hood to run on the trails. I always assumed there really wasn't enough space there for a good run, but evidently there are enough trails to really string together a tough workout. I think I hit almost every trail in the park! There was one super steep hill that I walked up (from sea level to about 300 feet), and stopped for a couple of other walk breaks, but overall it was a good run. My legs were really tired from my strength workout on Wednesday! 

My route, via my Garmin. 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Strength Training

This was seriously the most fun workout I have done in a while! My good friend Sarah and I usually work out together on Saturdays but we haven't been able to do a good, tough workout in a little while. I started out with my warm-up of stretches and squats and then:

*4 sets of 10 KB swings w/ 4 sets of 10 KB sumo squats. 35# KB
*pull-ups with a band superset w/ squats w/ a 25# plate (These pull-ups were so fun. I was proud we figured out how to use the band all on our own!)
*3 sets of 8 single leg dead lifts, all sets w/ 2-20# dumbbells
*1 set of 8 bench presses w/ 45# bar, 2 sets of 8 w/ 55# bar
*3 sets of 8 stability ball rollouts
*1 set of 8 medicine ball push-ups
*1 set of 8 walking planks w/ a bosu ball

I will definitely do this workout again. If Sunday wasn't a long run day I might have added one more lower body exercise, like pistol squats, but this was great as it. 

Here's Jess from The Blonde Ponytail showing how to do a medicine ball push-up! I use a bigger, softer medicine ball, but I couldn't find a video of someone using that kind.

Sunday: 11.15 Miles Run

The best long run, like, ever. For curious readers, I donned my cw-x capris again. I LOVE those things. 

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