Sunday, June 23, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total miles run: 15.6

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: At the Gym With My Trainer

Warm-up with stretches, kettlebell swings and sumo squats.
Then I went through the clean and jerk progression before doing:
*30 clean and jerks (3 sets of 10) with a 55# barbell
*overhead lunges w/ 45# barbell (I don't remember how many, I think 3 sets of 10)
*3 sets of 5 chest dips w/ the help of my trainer (I can't do one on my own). 

Wednesday: 2.5 miles

I ran at the track while my kids played. Tried to average 9:00 min/miles, which felt really hard for some reason. I started out at 10:00 min/miles then worked my way down to 8:00 min/miles to average 9:00. 

Thursday: Elliptical

45 minutes of elliptical at the gym.

Friday: Rest and short walk

Saturday: Half-marathon!

13.1 miles, baby! Write-up coming soon! 

Sunday: Rest

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