Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Too Much

This is a crazy week. 

The craziness started last weekend, though. Friday night was a camp-out for Eloise's classroom. Sunday was her last soccer game for the season, complete with a trip to see the Seattle Reign (professional women's soccer) play that night.

Snuggled in to her sleeping bag and playing a game on the Kindle Fire. 
We know how to rough it! 

 But this week? It is the girls' last week of school before summer break. This has meant buying teacher gifts, making cards, attending extra school events. I love it all, but it's draining. Both of my girls have amazing teachers, but my little one in particular, oh, it's breaking my heart for her to be leaving her teacher's classroom. Today I wrote her teacher a letter and ended up in tears. So the end of school means not just a busy schedule, but a lot of emotion, too.

Of course, we are all so excited about summer. Having everything come to a head this week means that we will definitely need a break from it by next week! And then probably be ready to head back to the safety and schedule of school the week after, haha.

And because things are never simple, the end of school isn't all that's going on.

Iris is about to turn nine. That means a birthday party the day after school lets out and her actual birthday the following Tuesday. 

Oh! And not just that, because Sunday is Father's Day! I am being a lame wife and mother and sneaking in my last "long" run on Father's Day morning, after present opening, but before I return all sweaty and gross to make brunch. There will be no sleeping in for dad this Father's Day, and it's all my fault. 

Stopped for a selfie on Alki on Tuesday night's run. 

And why do I need to do a last long run? Well, next week Saturday is the Seattle Rock-n-Roll half marathon! Any bit of space that isn't taken up with emotion surrounding school ending, or getting ready for a birthday party, or wanting to make sure my husband has a nice Father's Day, is taken up anxiety over this half marathon. I will probably be posting all about that very soon. 

The haul from my garden for tonight's dinner. 
Did I mention I am trying to garden solo this year? So far, so good!

I have been great about fitting in my workouts (those are always, always set in stone) but it's been trickier to fit in my PT exercises and other self-care things, like icing, stretching and rolling. I am icing my plantar fascia as I type this (full disclosure). 

Okay, time to run off to my next obligation! And breathe! 

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