Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go

. . . . I'm leaving, in a Ragnar van, don't know when I'll be back again . . . 

That song was stuck in my head, sorry if it's stuck in yours now, too!

My team has a very very VERY early Friday morning departure for Blaine, WA for our 6:30 am start time. Brutal. The team said it's the earliest start time they have ever had.
I am now runner #3. Last time I wrote about Ragnar I was runner #2 (after briefly holding a spot as runner #1) and my legs are: 8.2 miles, 6.7 miles and 2.4 miles. Overall it's about 4 more miles than runner #2 had, but I am about 4 TIMES more nervous. I could do runner #2 easy (well, not easy, but you know what I mean). I have never run over 13.1 miles in 30 hours. This will be 17.3 miles.

If we all run similar paces to what we predicted, I will be running at about 8:30 am Friday, 6:20 pm Friday and 5:00 am Saturday. Not bad, right? I even missed all the night time runs, which is a bummer but also cool because I never practiced running with a headlamp. 

Am I even prepared? I have no idea. Nothing else to do now but go for it, right? Last night I dreamed I was yelling swear words at my husband because, in the dream, he was supposed to drive me to the start line and wasn't going to be able to get me there on time. Sheesh. 

This whole Ragnar thing, I have to say, I am so incredibly excited. It is going to be such an amazing experience!

Shifting gears a bit, I wanted to quickly write about active release technique. As you probably know by now, I've hopped around to lots of different health care providers to find answers for my running injuries. Some have been helpful, some have been not-so helpful. My massage therapist has been gently suggesting that I meet with a local practitioner of active release technique, and I finally made an appointment to go in. I have to say, I am pretty darn hopeful about this technique and what it can do for me.

Active release technique is a technique that addresses muscular and soft tissue problems. I once read that ART is for your muscles like chiropractic is for your bones. 

My appointment started with the practitioner doing some muscle tests. They didn't make a lot of sense to me, but they gave him a lot of information about what was going on with me. He did some very deep (and painful) "massage" (I say "massage" because it isn't a massage, but more like focused pressure to one area) and had me move my legs in different ways as he applied the pressure. He re-affirmed that I am not activating some of my muscles when I need to be, so it's overloading my IT band and hamstring. He also suggested I focus more certain areas when I stretch and roll. I will go back again after I completely wreck my legs at Ragnar, haha. Not sure if he does this with everyone, but my practitioner proclaimed that he was excited about all of this, to see how I progress with his help. Gotta love someone who tells you they are excited to help, versus someone who just tells you to stop running!

So, anyways, I will write more about my experience with ART, maybe it will help someone else, as well? 


  1. Good luck with Ragnar! My local running buddies are in a van marked up with Running Chicks and Swirlgear. Say "hi" for me! I almost went with them, but I had a kid conflict.

    I hope the ART works...looking forward to reading all about it.

    1. Thanks Kim! I will look for your friends. Too bad you won't be up there!


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