Monday, July 01, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 4

I took it very, very easy for the seven days after RnR (with one notable exception on Friday). This was a very good choice for me. As I look back on last year and how much I pushed and pushed and pushed so much, it seems clear that my desire to add too much too fast was likely a big part of my injuries. At the time it didn't feel like too much or too fast, but hindsight is 20/20, no? 

I added in lots of stretching and foam rolling after RnR, as well. It is something I am struggling to keep up, however. I think it would help to have a specific routine that I knew would be helpful instead of just winging it every day and wonder, "was that enough?"

Monday: Rest 

Tuesday: Elliptical

30 easy mins of elliptical at the gym.

Wednesday: Walk

2 mile walk with Iris.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Workout With Trainer

Oh. My. Lord. Here I thought my trainer might take it easy on me, but oh no. She did mostly stay away from killing my legs, bless her soul, but my arms? Those were fair game.

Warm-up, then:
*1 set of 16 close grip bench presses w/ 45#
*1 set of 10 medium grip bench presses w/ 45#
*2 sets of 5 close grip w/ 55#
*2 sets of 4 medium grip w/ 55#
*warm-up for thrusters w/ one set of 10 push-presses and one set of 10 front squats
*21/15/9 thrusters w/ 45# 
*3 sets of 6 chest dips
*3 handstand holds-- note on these: I hated these. My arms were so shot, I was shaking even trying to get up in to a handstand. I couldn't kick up in to a single one on my own. I might have had a fighting chance if my arms weren't spaghetti when I tried! It was also sort of terrifying to hold the handstand because, well, if I didn't I would collapse on my face. Hoping my trainer has me try these again before she wrecks my arms on other things!
*2 sets of plank walks w/ 5 push-ups-- to do these I put two large disks (aka furniture movers) under the balls of my feet in the plank pose and then walked my hands in plank, dragging my legs. I went about 20 feet or so. Super hard, these are a great move if you have carpeting in your house! 

Saturday: 4 Miles Run

I actually felt really good on this run and took it nice and slow. Unfortunately, afterwards I was really sore! My quads were killing me, which was from Friday's workout. Ouch! 

Sunday: Workout at the Gym (the / \ means I did those two exercises as a superset)

*WU w/ 10 mins on the elliptical
*3 sets of 15 wall balls w/ 10# ball
/*3 sets of 10 KB swings w/ 35# KB
\*3 sets of 10 KB sumo squats w/ 35# KB
/*3 sets of 8 hanging knee raises
\*3 sets of 8 cable squat rows at 140#
/*3 sets of 5 (unassisted!) chest dips
\*3 sets of 8 straight leg raises on the roman chair
*2 sets of 8 medicine ball push-ups

This was a fun workout. I went in to the gym not knowing at all what I was going to do, maybe even just elliptical the whole time. I ended up feeling like I didn't want to go in the weight room, but did want to push it a little. I think I came up with a nice routine for the day. It left me exhausted, for sure! 

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