Monday, July 15, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 17.2

Monday: Rest 

Lots of walking the dog, but nothing too strenuous. 

Tuesday: 3 Miles Run

Tried to pick up the pace a little on an early morning run with Kelly.

Wednesday: 3 Miles Run

I originally wanted to run twice on Tuesday, as Ragnar prep, but I was too tired at night and bailed on the second run. As a Plan B I ran the next day, which I typically don't do because of history of injury. I did 1/2 mile of the run up a decent hill so that was a nice change. After the run I had zero soreness, which is completely unusual. My hamstring is always, always very tight at the end of a run, it hurts to bend over and untie my shoes. Today? I could touch my toes with no issues. It was very strange, but awesome!

Thursday: Workout With Trainer

Another great workout. We started with lots of warm-up squats and some other drills before heading in to the workout:

/*3 sets of 8 push-presses w/ 35#/45#/55# barbell
\*3 sets of 10 front squats w/ 35#/45#/55# barbell
*3 sets of the following: push-ups on toes w/ a plate on my back (I don't know the weight, maybe 10#?) until failure (about 6), then right in to push-ups on toes w/ no weight (about 5 more) then push-ups on my knees (about 7 more). So there were three sets of about 18 total push-ups.
*pulling the sled. This was so fun! The first two passes were with my trainer on the sled. Guessing she weighs around 150#. Then one pass with my trainer plus 135#, next pass w/ just the 135#, next pass w/ 90#, last pass w/ 45#

Good thing I pumped up my muscles, because after the workout it was time to head to IKEA and do this:

Those three boxes on the bottom weighed over 60 lbs each and I loaded them on to the cart all by myself! We are re-doing the girls' playroom, so this is two desks, two cupboards, a bookcase, two chairs and lots of accessories. 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run 11.2 Miles

A few of my Ragnar buddies met up for a run and it was such a beautiful morning and a very, very fun time. I ran 2 miles to meet the gang then did the last 9.2 miles with them. We kept our pace easy but tackled some monster hills:

You'll see how it went up up up and then a little break, then up again, then a break, etc. Well, at each break I didn't know there was more to come. I thought we were done climbing at about 200 ft! Our last mile was the fastest of the run, too. Finish strong!

I had an ice bath when I got home:

We don't have a bathtub, so ice bath in the kiddie pool with a willing 6 year old it is. I kinda love ice baths, which is probably some sort of genetic defect in me.

I was amazed how good I felt later in the day. I did take a little break mid-afternoon on the couch but after that was on my feet for about four hours at the local street fair.

Wanted the twinkies, but I didn't get them. My tummy hurt after too many french fries!

Sunday: Rest

I had intended this to be a strength day, but I was too tired. Usually I do strength on Saturday and long run on Sunday, so I was a little thrown off my schedule this week. I figured an 11+ mile run buys me an extra rest day. 

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