Sunday, August 04, 2013

Off-Kilter Week

It's been an unusual week around these parts. I suppose I consider myself a creature of habit, so when things go skeewampus, as they tend to do in the summer time, I am a little off-kilter.

My little girl went to spend the week with her Grandma. It's pretty much the first time she has gotten to do this. She did go once before for a night or two alone when her aunt and little cousin were there, but this time it was just her and Grandpa and Grandma for four nights! She had a great time and was super spoiled by her grandparents. I feel incredibly lucky that they are so excited about spending time with, and work so hard to spend time with, their grandkids. Hopefully later this summer it will be my big girl's turn for a trip! The quiet in the house with only one child home was incredible! 

Eloise and Grandma

Grandma lives a little ways away so we met her half way to transfer Eloise. We met at a diner and all had a very large and decadent dessert before saying goodbye.

Strawberry rhubarb crisp with ice cream and coffee! 
Not sure if this looks as big as it was, but I couldn't even finish it! 

Earlier in the week the girls and I had some fun playing on Alki Beach for a bit. I run along Alki quite often, but very rarely just hang out and play by the water!

Picnic by the water.

Redhead jumping! 

Sisters being nice to each other! 
Had to capture this for all eternity. 

I won't lie, summer has sort of been kicking my ass. Usually I really love summer and getting to do fun stuff with the girls, but this summer has just been a pile of stress. I work very few hours, but I swear I spend more time worrying about fitting in time to work than I spend actually working. The girls can't seem to get along to save their lives (except for the brief moment I captured, above). The quiet of this past week with only Iris at home as been a nice, albeit boring, change of pace. 

This week has also been a rough mix of feeling a little off my workouts and also eating about eighty billion more calories than my body needs (see exhibit A, the photo of the crisp). The crisp was the tip of the iceberg this week. Ever notice how once you start eating like crap it just gets easier to keep eating like crap? Or is that just me? This week I had Bottlecaps, ice cream, chocolate chips, sodas, lattes, shave ice . . . you know, and why stop there, at that point. I might as well keep eating crap forever at this point. 

I decided to try something with my running. I am following a marathon training schedule and am going to see how far I can go on it before A) my body shuts down and says no more, or B) I hate it and stop. If by chance I do make it to the end of the training I will be ready to run the Seattle Marathon, but in all honesty, I am not really counting on it. This week was week one of training, so it was two 3 mile runs and a longer run to come on Sunday. Easy peasy. My IT band is sore again, it's been a few weeks since it has let me know it doesn't like my activity of choice, so that's annoying. I think, or at least hope, that it's because I've been slacking on all of my PT exercises since I started to feel so much better. 

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