Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 13.25

Monday: Strength at the Gym

Monday's are always a rest day, but with a vacation coming up, I needed to sneak in my workout so that I felt less guilty about taking a rest day then! 

I thought I would write a little bit about what I do to warm-up before my strength workout, in case it would be helpful to you!

My physical therapist has had me doing a few specific pelvic correction exercises, so I always start with that. Then I do about 15 unweighted squats, below parallel, but not super low. If I feel like warming up more with squats I will do wall squats (facing the wall, my feet about 6 inches away) or squats with my arms raised straight above my head or squats holding an empty bar (like a PVC pipe) and do overhead squats. After the squats I hold the bar, one hand at each end, then tap it in front of my body, move it straight overhead and tap it behind my body 10 times. Holding the bar at the same place I move the bar from my front to my back by swinging it more over to the right and then the left, like the video below, only I don't do it anywhere near that fast!

Then I hold the bar like a cane to stabilize myself as I do high leg kicks front to back and side to side. If I'm wanting more lower body warm-up I do "toy soldiers" which are walking high straight leg kicks and then I do walking lunges, back knee hitting the ground. 

If you do all of those you will be well warmed up for a strength routine!

So, today's strength routine:

*10 thrusters w/ 35# bar
*2 sets of 10 thrusters 2/ 45# bar
*8 15# dumbbell snatches
*2 sets of 8 25# dumbbell snatches
*2 sets of 8 12# delt flys
*8 15# delt flys
*3 sets of 8 straight leg raises on the roman chair
*3 sets of 5 unassisted chest dips on the roman chair
*3 sets of 10 rounds of a plank variation. I stood, put my hands to the ground, walked my hands out to plank, dropped one arm to my elbow, dropped the other arm to elbow, first arm back up, next arm back up, then walked hands back in and stood up. I was trying to remember "Pink's Plank" that I had done a few weeks ago and this is what I came up with-- it was close! 

Tuesday: 3 Mile Run

Short and sweet. The early stages of marathon training are easy breezy! Haha.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3 Mile Run

I was on vacation at the end of the week, staying at a house along the Columbia River, near Chelan, WA. The house was in a small development and when I looked on the map it seemed like it wouldn't be too hard to get my mileage in without leaving the area. Little did I realize that the development is up the side of a pretty steep bank. This was a very hilly run.

Friday: Rest

Lots of swimming, but no "real" exercise.

Saturday: Rest

Same as Friday

Sunday: 7.25 Mile Run

This was brutal. I had a lot working against me. Already I wasn't excited about the hills, or the heat. I kept trying to figure out ways to get out of this run. I was low on sleep all week, but Saturday night took the cake. A brutal storm blew through Friday and Saturday night, but on Saturday night we lost our power. Then the smoke alarms went off (false alarm). My first alarm went off at 4:30 so I could eat, my "get up now" alarm went off at 6:30. I told myself that if I just couldn't pull myself out of bed at 6:30 that I wouldn't do it, but once that alarm went off I was out of bed and dressed before I realized what I was doing. That was for the best, I think.

I basically ran up and down every road in the development. And I walked. A LOT.

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