Monday, August 19, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 17.25

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Run 4 Miles

A beautiful morning to run on Alki!

Wednesday: Strength

I got to the gym nice and early, at about 6:30, it was so quiet. I might make this a more regular occurrence for the rest of the summer. 

Warm-up, then:
/*3 sets of 8 assisted pull-ups
\*3 sets of 10 back squats at 45#/55#/65#
*3 sets of 10 torso twists at 22.5#
/*3 sets of "sit to stand" with 10#/20#/20# (don't know the official name for these!)
\*3 sets of cable squat rows at 140#
/*3 sets of 10 straight leg raises on roman chair
\*3 sets of 5 chest dips

Thursday: Run 3 Miles

Up before the sun to run with a friend. I haven't woken up before 6:00 am in a long time, I was shocked it was already getting so dark again that early! Hopefully once the girls are back in the school that hour of the day and I will never meet again . . .

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Strength and Kayaking

Another 6:30 am workout. Again, the gym was so quiet! Odd to be in the weight room with maybe 2 or 3 other people. I tried to make my workout leg-heavy, as I knew I was going kayaking later in the morning and that is obviously mostly upper body!

Warm-up, then:
*3 sets of 12 10# wall balls
*4 sets of 10 leg presses at 45#/65#/85#/105#
*3 sets of lunges holding a plate overhead 0#/10#/25#
*3 sets of 10 side lunges with plate 10#/25#/25#
/*3 sets of 5 hanging knee raises
\*3 sets of 8 pistol squats

Saturday was our littlest girl's birthday, so we took her kayaking! She had been begging to go kayaking all summer long, so I decided to include the outing in her birthday celebration. It was a great workout in itself!

Sunday: 8.25 Miles Run

We had an epic 7 year old girl sleepover party on Saturday night and I couldn't wait to get out for my run after they were all picked up on Sunday morning. Tee hee. My marathon novice plan called for 5 miles but I really, really wanted to do more. I decided 8 would be nice. Besides the heat of running until just after noon, it was a wonderful run. I felt really great the whole way, didn't push the pace, and enjoyed every step. 

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