Thursday, August 15, 2013

Trampolines Are Fun

All summer Matt and I have been hemming and hawing over getting the girls a trampoline. We thought at first we really wanted one, but I felt really unsure about what kind to buy, which was the safest, etc etc. Basically it felt like we were working on purchasing a several hundred dollar death trap toy for our kids with little guidance and I was too overwhelmed. We thought about it, then sort of stopped thinking about it. Then Matt took Eloise to a friends' house and they had just gotten a Springfree trampoline. Of course Eloise loved it, but more importantly, Matt loved it. He said we had to get one. Then I told him how much money they cost. Then we stopped talking about it. 

Several days later I decided we should go to the Springfree showroom, which is in Issaquah, very near Seattle. If you live in Seattle, you should go check it out, even if you aren't in the market for a trampoline. They have the trampolines all set up and let you jump your little heart out. They even have water and bathrooms and super nice salespeople! We left with info, and thought about what size we would want . . . . then we kind of dropped it again. Springfree trampolines are a lot of money. Like, we spent more on it than we did on this summer's vacation. Finally we decided to bite the bullet, or rather, pulled out the credit card, and ordered on Monday. It was delivered and set up on Tuesday.

We are in love.

Why a Springfree? Well, we were kinda sold from get-go with the whole "world's safest trampoline" spiel. We also loved that since they don't have traditional metal springs they won't rust, and therefor they won't get squeaky. The trampoline we got is oval, so it has two "sweet spots" and fits nicely in to our yard, as well. The ground space it takes up is only trampoline, no extra space for springs, so it might be nicer for smaller yards, too, though I haven't compared measurements on that. Also, since we are local, we got the thing delivered and set up and they gave us a ladder and a basketball hoop and ball, all for free with a promo they are running. 

While the girls knew we were considering buying a trampoline, we didn't tell them when I ordered it or had it set up. I had to keep telling Eloise to go outside to check on the dog before she looked up and saw it out there. She screamed! It was the most hilarious thing. She ran right out and started jumping in her skirt. 

Iris and I are working on our "booty drops", where you jump, then bounce on your butt, back up to feet, back to butt, etc etc. Today she did it over 100 times in a row. I stopped at 100. I might have found my new form of cross-training! 

Of course, I learned a few things being a brand-new trampoline owner:

1. Wear a sports bra. 
2. Pee before you get on it.
3. It's much harder than your kids make it look. 

Does your family have a trampoline? Do you use it for exercise for yourself or is it just for your kids? 

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