Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Pretty much every summer we take these big, epic trips. Typically we go to where my parents live in Michigan for several weeks, but I finally put my foot down and said "no more". It was getting far too stressful and challenging for me to manage that kind of trip with the two girls, so I was done. This year? We stayed home for the summer, spent our time and money in other ways (see also: trampoline post) and did a much more manageable, closer to home, vacation. 

It was lovely. 

My husband's friend let us rent out his vacation home on Lake Entiat, which for those of you who know Washington State a little, is part of the Columbia River, just south of Lake Chelan. We got to drive there, and bring the dog, and the house was huge and had more than enough room for all of us. Our good friends even drove over and spent one of the nights with us! 

Iris and I, taken by Eloise.

Sassy pose. 

Iris in her model pose. 

Matt and Eloise playing shuffleboard.

Our dog, Heidi, and the view from the house.


We roasted marshmallows with friends. Eloise is eating the treat she made, pictured below.

Our friends brought rice krispies treats and peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses. 
They made a perfect place to tuck a roasted marshmallow in to! 

Practicing diving at the pool.

Iris in the pool. 

We went to the public beach at Don Morse Park on Lake Chelan a couple of times and really loved it. There was a diving platform out in the water that the kids loved. 

Eloise taking a rest from swimming. The beach was actually all gravel, so not the most comfy for sunning. 

The view from the beach at Lake Chelan. 

Selfie of Eloise and I. 

Matt dragging the girls around in Lake Entiat. 

Iris being cute in Lake Entiat. 

Our dog, Heidi, rolling in the sand on the beach at Lake Entiat. 

Our time was spent swimming in the pool, Lake Chelan or Lake Entiat, we went to each several times. If we weren't swimming we were resting or eating. It was so hot, we often swam in the morning, came home for lunch and rested until mid-afternoon, then went out again. I got in a couple of runs, too. My friend and I had big plans to go paddleboarding on Lake Chelan, but it was too windy the day we wanted to go out. 

We had some major excitement in the form of thunderstorms our last two nights there. I hadn't seen anything that crazy since I lived in Wisconsin! The first night the lightning started a fire nearby in a field, the second night the storm knocked out the power. We were just glad it didn't knock down the whole house! 

Now we are back home, soaking in the last bits of summer until school starts again. It feels like it's coming fast! 

Have you ever been to Lake Chelan? Any tips for things to do or places to stay in the area? We would love to go back again! 

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