Friday, September 06, 2013

First Day of School: 2013

I feel extremely grateful that our last few days of summer were packed full of fun. The summer felt long and short at the same time-- like that saying, the years (or in this case, summers) are short but the days are long. Some days were brutal, others magnificent, but now it's all behind us . . . onward and upward!

This year Iris is in fourth grade and Eloise is in second. Yes, I can hardly even believe it. 

They both got amazing teachers this year . . . just like they have had every other year of their lives. We are extremely, extremely lucky that we haven't dealt with any crappy teachers (unless you count that one year Iris was home schooled . . . haha). 

Let's talk about this outfit. She picked it out while shopping with her Grandma. The shoes are high-heeled, or wedge-heeled?, sneakers. They aren't crazy high so I was okay letting Eloise wear them to school. The finger-less gloves were something she bought with her own money at Justice. I did have to look up online how to tie a tie, however. Her dad was sadly gone on a work trip for the first day of school so I didn't even have his help with that piece!

Iris struggled for a while with what to wear to school on the first day. I think she looked cute and comfy, which is sort of her signature look. 

I was a very, very lazy mom this summer and didn't work with Eloise on her reading and writing. Like many kids, she is very advanced in some areas and struggles in others. Her struggles are reading and writing. Today we implemented a program at home where Eloise can earn stickers for time spent reading and then she can earn a new book for every 20 stickers she earns. Already tonight she has read to me more than she has the last month total. 

Iris is an advanced reader and writer, so I'm trying decide if I want to give her the same reading challenge or not. Clearly reading is beneficial no matter how "good" you are at it, so I think the program would be motivational to her, as well. 

One other fun thing is that this morning the girls took the bus for the first time this school year and we were all so excited to discover that they had the same bus driver as they had last year! He is a very kind and gentle guy, so it was great to see his smiling face as he pulled up in the rain today. 

I really do think this will be a great year for the girls. 

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