Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Seven Year Old Has Faith in Me.

Tonight Eloise said what is maybe my favorite thing that she has ever said to me: "I believe in God, aliens, ghosts, and that you can run a marathon". 

She and I were using my google sky app on my phone to locate things in the night sky (from our warm and cozy bed on a very rainy and windy night) when she asked me if I believe in aliens, then God, the ghosts . . . then she busted out with that quote above. I hadn't even mentioned marathons to her in, oh, at least thirteen seconds a pretty long time! 

Anyways, speaking of the marathon, it's really up in the air at this point. I give it less than a 50% chance of happening. I have had two appointments with a new PT to work on all of my various issues, with my maybe-stress fractured foot being the most pressing. I absolutely adore my previous PT, but I decided I wanted a fresh look at my issues and am now going to a place that has lots of therapists on staff, so I will see several of them, some of whom have specialties that my old PT didn't. I hope it's a good move, as the new PT is very far from home, so it's seriously annoying to get there.

At my first appointment PT thought it was highly possible that I didn't actually have a stress fracture. By the time I went in to see her I didn't have specific pain in my second metatarsal any more. We thought, maybe it is a stress reaction? She urged me to try and do a run/walk on it and see how it felt, if I was so inclined. I ran/walked 5 miles last Sunday, then 4 miles on Tuesday and felt great. No issues. Then I ran 7 miles on Thursday and while my foot didn't hurt at all while running, it definitely hurt afterwards, and in fact my foot has been sore ever since. 

I haven't run since Thursday, now missing three long runs in a row. It stinks. My PT is contemplating her recommendation on whether or not I can still expect to be able to train for the Seattle Marathon. I just want a definitive answer if it's a no. By far the most stressful thing right now is just not knowing what is going on and not knowing day-to-day what I should be doing, if I can run, how far I should run, if I am hurting myself more, and if I shouldn't run, then what should I do? Honestly, the stress of figuring out the running is harder than the running itself. 

The stress part is wearing on me enough that I am seriously considering scrapping running for a while, just not even worrying about it maybe until after Christmas, or longer, and focusing on something else in the meantime. Running is so much fun for me, it's incredibly frustrating that it's turned in to something so different now. 

On a side note, I wanted to share the coolest thing ever that happened to me on my 7 mile run last week. I was running along Alki trail in West Seattle, which goes along the water, and I see a sea lion surface as it is swimming along, heading in the same direction I was. I ran along with it for almost a mile before it swam further off the shore. The entire rest of my run I just thought "THIS is why I run". It was so amazing. 

So, that's the update with that. 

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