Monday, September 23, 2013

(not) Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

This has been a decent, yet frustrating week. I just didn't know what I should be doing, what workouts would still help me on my way to a December marathon. I didn't want to go to the pool, so I skipped that all together. The least of the annoying cardio workouts for me is elliptical, so I embraced that sucker just a wee tiny bit and then walked a bit since it didn't hurt my foot.

Monday: Elliptical and Rower

I went back and forth, 20 mins elliptical, 5 mins rower, 20 mins elliptical, 5 mins rower.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Strength

Warm-up, then:
/*3 sets of 10 pistol squats using a plyo box to sit back on, then stand back up
\*3 sets of 10 lunges
*3 sets of 10 single-arm snatches with a 15#/20#/25# dumbbell
/*3 sets of 8 push-ups on a low bar
\*3 sets of 8 inverted rows on a bar
*3 sets of 6 (on each side) single-leg hip thrusters with 0#/25#/25# plate
/*3 sets of 8 straight-leg raises on the roman chair
\*3 sets of 5 unassisted tricep dips on the roman chair

It was right after this workout that I figured out my workout "style". It typically goes something like this: 

1. I show up at the gym. 
2. I do the same warm-up every time
3. I check in with myself to see what I feel like doing, in general, (pushing? pulling? weights? body weight? upper body? lower body?) and also match that to how busy the weight room is. If it's really busy I know I won't get a squat rack. If it's dead I might take the opportunity to rig up my pull-up band on the cage.
4. I often will walk in the weight room and make an on-the-spot decision about what exercises I'm going to do, deciding on the next set of exercises while I'm doing something. 
5. I work through different moves, using different weights/reps if I'm feeling more like being uber-strong or working more on endurance. So, if I feel like more endurance I'll do more reps at a lighter weight, if I feel more like pushing my strength I will do less reps of more weight. 
6. I like to mix up body weight stuff with lifting weights. 
7. I try to throw in some moves I HATE to do, like hanging knee raises, because hating them so much probably means I really need to do them. 
8. I work until I'm shaking, or out of time (usually the former), then I stop and stretch. 

Thursday: Walk with the dog

I walked about 2 1/2 miles with my dog. Foot felt great!

Friday: Walk with the dog

2 miles with the dog. Foot felt great again.

Saturday: Strength at the Gym

Sarah and I did this workout:

Warm-up, then:
*3 sets of 8 bench presses at 55#/60#/65#
/*3 sets of 8 pistol squats
 *3 sets of 8 assisted pull-ups
\*3 sets of 8 assisted tricep dips
*3 sets of 10 lunges with 25#/20#/20#
*2 sets of 10 "Pink's Plank"

Sunday: 5 Mile Run/Walk

On Wednesday my new PT suggested I try a 3:1 run/walk to see how my foot would feel. I had 10 miles on the schedule for this day, but figured that would be a touch too far not having run in the last week and a half. I did five miles and my foot felt totally fine the whole time. It was pretty humbling to have to run/walk, but hey, if it will help my foot, I will do it. Now I just wait to see if my foot ends up sore the rest of the day.

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