Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 13 
Monday: Cardio/Strength at the Gym
I decided to get in a workout to take the place of Tuesday's run, so I did:
*10 mins elliptical
*5 mins rower
*10 mins elliptical
*10 each: walk-out to plank, then down on each elbow, back up to hands, then lift each knee to opposite side and walk back up to standing (just like "Pink's Plank" except with a walk-out on each plank)
*10 air squats
*3 sets of 15 25# thrusters
*3 sets of 8 lunges with a 25# plate overhead
One of my favorite things to do at the gym is to use the 10# or 25# iron plates to do different exercises, like I did in this workout with the thrusters and lunges. 

Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Strength at the Gym
I worked out with my old trainer, who put together a great workout with some new-to-me moves!
/*5/7/9 pistols with a chair (so, using only one leg, sit down and get up from a chair)|
\*5/7/9 lunges
/*21/15/9 box jumps (on a low box, because box jumps terrify me)
\*21/15/9 back squats w/ 45#
*3 sets of 12 (6 on each leg) single leg hip thrusts w/ a 25# plate 
*hanging knee raise with a 10# medicine ball. For these I held a huge medicine ball (like the kind you do wall balls with) between my knees and, hanging, lifted my knees up and to the right 6 times, dropped the ball and lifted 4 more times, then put the ball back between my knees and did the same on the left side. I did 3 sets of these. 
So, I felt pretty good after the workout, and this was the day I came home and jumped on the trampoline a bunch and did my first ever flip. When I went to bed I felt fine. In the night I woke up and stretched out my arms and shooting pains went up both of my arms from my forearms. It hurt SO much. By the next morning I couldn't really grip ANYTHING without shooting pains. It was from those hanging knee raises! My arms weren't alarmingly painful when I was doing them, so I was very surprised I hurt so much afterwards. It took a couple of days for my forearms to feel back to normal! 
This is what I was doing, but with a giant 10# ball between my knees. 

Thursday: Run 6 Miles

I decided to run this morning to see if my foot would hurt. I didn't want it to be a stress fracture so I think I was just trying to "prove" that it wasn't, since I felt great while running. Of course, later this same day, the podiatrist confirmed what it was. So far the only symptoms are pain when pressing on a specific spot on my foot and general achiness after running or being on my feet a lot. 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Strength at the Gym

Warm-up, then:
/*5/6/7 pistol squats (like the ones I did on Wednesday)
\*5/6/7 lunges
*100 8# wall balls
*3 sets of 8 torso twists on the cable machine at 27.5# each
*3 sets of 10 lat pull-downs on the cable machine at 15#/17.5#/20# each
*3 sets of 8  bench presses with 15# dumbbells
*2 sets of 8 triceps something-or-other on the bench (forgot the name, too lazy to figure it out)
*3 sets of 5 straight leg raises on weight bench

Sunday: Strength at the Gym

Warm-up, then:
/*3 sets of 12 sumo squats w/ 35# kettlebell
\*3 sets of 12 swings w/ 35# kettlebell 
*11 mins of HIIT on the rower
/*3 sets of 10 push-presses at 35#
\*3 sets of 10 bent-over rows at 35#
/*3 sets of 6 hanging knee raises 
\*3 sets of 10 cable squat rows at 100#
*30 stability ball roll-outs

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