Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Have a Seven Year Old!

Oh, I am a lame mother. I used to write these awesome birthday posts for my girls ("for" being relative, as my girls have never read them) and now I am slacking majorly.

This girl turned seven:

Eloise picked out this cake all by herself. 

So, Miss Eloise. She turned seven almost a month ago. It was a lovely birthday and party. As a family we went kayaking on Alki in the morning, something Eloise had been begging to do all summer long, and then had some yummy lunch at Marination Ma Kai. In the afternoon four of Eloise's best friends came over for a party and sleepover. We have the trampoline now, so the girls played in that and a few kiddie pools we had set up. Half of the girls fell asleep at a decent hour, the others, not so much, but overall it went well.

Eloise had a great last year. She loves school and is so excited that she is finally back. For second grade she has yet another great teacher and I am hopeful that her reading takes off this year! She wants to be signed up for every activity she possibly can and have a friend to play with every second of every day. Summer was a little hard for her, as I don't like to jam pack our schedule as much as Eloise would like me to!

Doing the happy dance for getting Uno Attack.

She continues to go between wanting to be as big and independent as possible and basically wanting to be treated like a baby. Just this morning I was joking with my friend that Eloise would still want to be pushed in a stroller if she was small enough! We often have to ask her to stop talking in her "baby voice", as well. A couple of weeks ago Eloise asked me to put the back on her booster seat again. She would probably love to be buckled in a five point harness, too!

Despite being one of the absolute youngest kids in her class she has as much as, if not more, maturity than a lot of her classmates. One thing I love about Eloise is that she rarely gets involved with drama at school, can work things out with her friends, and is typically a friend to everyone. Of course, she still has her very best best friend, but she doesn't play with her to the exclusion of other kids who might want to play. Eloise sees the good in everyone and does not hold grudges against anyone (including her sister, thank goodness).

Playing dress-up the morning after the sleep-over.

This fall she is playing soccer again and has already proved how fearless and rough she is in her first go at being goalie. She loves sports and doing pretty much anything active. The trampoline purchase was definitely a great purchase!

Looking forward to seeing what year seven, and second grade, holds for our girl!

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