Friday, October 25, 2013

A Scattered Post

I have lots of little things to write about.

1. I have been doing more research on becoming a certified personal trainer. It's kind of exciting to think I'm moving in a direction that is something for ME and maybe even potentially a career? We shall see, don't want to put the cart before the horse, as they say.

2. My darling hubby turned 40 this week. FORTY! It's kind of unbelievable, because when I was young and my mom turned 40 she was old. But now? My husband isn't old. I'm pushing forty, and I'm not old. My friends who are all over 40 aren't old . . . . it's kind of mind-boggling. Matt looks so young, I joked with him that some day I will be accused of being a cougar because I will look older than him (even though I'm 4 years younger). 

Matt and Iris about to dig in to their sushi.

Anyways, we went out to dinner and Menchie's the night before his birthday because he wanted to be able to go to Eloise's soccer practice on his birthday since he is a coach. What a good dad! Of course, we had a little party before soccer, because hello! 40 is a big deal!

3. I am doing some "fun" things with my PT right now. He does muscle activation technique, so he does all these weird little adjustments to my feet and then has me stress them, then he adjusts some more and, well, I don't really understand the whole thing, but he is really excited about how it should help me and believes 100% that I will be running again healthier than ever. I love that attitude! 

4. Along those lines, my hamstring and foot were hurting again after my last few days of exercises. UGH. My last workout before a day off included running a lot of stairs, which in hindsight maybe wasn't the best idea ever. 

5. Since this is happening as I type, I will include a picture of my 2nd grader practicing the same math my 4th grader is doing. The back story is, I volunteered in Iris's math class today and was totally blown away watching them do multiplication and division in a completely different way than I was taught when I was that age (well, we didn't learn this level of math until we were a little older, but I digress). Tonight for homework Iris and I were showing Eloise how to do a two-digit multiplication problem and she was totally following along, so I kept going. She understood it and is now working on her fourth problem of the evening. I am cracking up because she doesn't understand some of the basic addition involved (she hasn't learned that, yet) but is getting this much more complicated stuff. 

Eloise conquering the big math.

If you are interested, she is doing the "area method" to solve her equation. You can google for videos if you are so inclined! 

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