Thursday, October 10, 2013

Slo-Mo is Evil

On Wednesday I had an appointment with another PT who works in the same practice as my other new one. She has a slightly different area of expertise so it made sense to check in with her. 

My appointment was humbling, but only in the very vainest of ways.

You see, I had to be video taped running on a treadmill, running across a room and running up and down the sidewalk. Then, horror of horrors, I had to watch the video with my PT. In SLOW MOTION. Everything jiggles and flops when you run in slo-mo. How did all of those beach babes make it look sexy in movies and tv shows? I sort of looked like a loping cow with wayward skin. Now I want to hide. 

All of that aside, it was a fantastic visit and I got some valuable information. One thing that is hilarious, but also mostly frustrating, is that in the process of working so dang hard for my mid/forefoot landing I inadvertently brought on my stress fractures. Since my second metatarsal is longer than my first, landing on the forefoot is putting a lot more pressure on that metatarsal than if I was, say, heel striking. Some justice, huh? Fix one problem and create another! My PT did say I had really decent form overall, but it was just unfortunate that my bone structure isn't a fan. There are a couple of more minor tweaks I will work on with my form, but I was glad that there wasn't anything glaringly hideous, which means that the work I have been doing over the last year plus hasn't been in vain! 

The other thing my new PT did was cast my feet for orthotics. My feet have all sorts of issues, unfortunately. My PT seems pretty sure the orthotics will help eliminate future chances for stress fractures, so that's reassuring. I get to pick them up in three weeks. 

Shifting gears a bit, I wanted to tell you all about this awesome boxing workout I did with my friend Sarah on Monday. It was an absolute blast and I felt so tough! 

A local boxing gym has classes that seem to cater to just about anyone who wants a tough workout. Some people there were obviously much more skilled boxers, and in very good shape, but if you weren't in great shape, you could easily scale the workout. To warm-up we did a ton (a TON) of jump roping, then a series of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, a sort of squat jump and high knees. Then the trainer set up a circuit in the gym and everyone got a partner. I was glad to be partnered with Sarah, as we are really, really good at yammering our way through a workout. We did three minutes on, 30 seconds off of about 12 or so different stations. We rotated through things like throwing specific punches at a bag (there were a lot of these), a speed bag (loved that one!), doing ab work, hanging from a bar and lifting knees to chest, and getting in a little mini ring with your partner with you and your partner taking turns holding mitts that you punch at (clearly I have NO idea what the proper terminology is for that!). 

It was crazy amounts of fun and I loved every second of it! It was very hard, I was covered in sweat when I was done, but I felt like such a badass the whole time. I really want to take private lessons and learn how to really throw a punch. I also think I need to purchase my own gloves and hand wraps . . . because sharing them is really ewwwwww. 

If you live in Seattle and want to try a boxing workout, send me a note and I will direct you to this gym! If you don't live in Seattle, come visit me and I will take you to class! 

Have you ever tried boxing? How did you like it? 

Ever run in custom orthotics? Were they a life saver? 

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