Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Where to Go With My Posts

Okay, I am under no false illusion that posting my workouts each week (running or otherwise) was of much interest to anyone but me-- but now that I'm not running, I am not sure if I should keep posting my workouts. 

I log my strength workouts in a book at home that I bring to the gym, so I always have those at the ready if I need to refer to an old workout, or to track progress. Writing them on the blog is just another record, a digital one, and maybe those posts also serve as an inspiration, motivation, or just a source of information for anyone looking for any of those things. I certainly hope so, but I'm not really sure who reads those posts after they go up. 

Some weeks I get so busy that my weekly wrap-ups are the only thing I get to post all week long. I would hate if: a) the majority of my posts are just workout updates, or b) if I don't post my workouts, will the blog sit quiet more than I would like it to? 

So that's what's on my mind right now. I am actually kind of hoping that I can keep with semi-interesting things to say about my workouts, and try out lots of new things to report on!

Today I did a boxing class and I would love to share about that experience! It was so much fun. And it was nice to be out of my typical gym routine.

I also think the hardest thing about letting go of running for a little while is that I loved the change in routine between strength and running workouts. I loved getting outside to run and then mixing it up with the time in the gym, too. Now, it's all sweaty testosterone dude-filled gym, all the time. I love to lift weights, but that environment gets a little old! 

How do you vary up your strength routine so you don't get burned out on being at the gym? 


  1. I just had my wisdom teeth pulled last Friday, so I can't run for a few days. And I miss it! I suppose I would use housework as strength training! I hate the gym.

    1. Eek, I hope you aren't too out of it! I remember how loopy I was on the meds after that. Hope you feel good enough to run soon!

  2. I will read whatever you write! :) Do you like walking or biking at all...you could still get that outside time. Or would those be as bad as running?

    1. Aw, thanks darlin'! I am not a fan of biking unless it's basically coasting along on a cruiser seeing the sights. I don't own a bike, either :( I have been doing a little walking and that seems fine-- just takes so much longer to go a shorter distance! haha


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