Saturday, November 09, 2013

Blogvember Post Nine: Veering Off Schedule

Today's prompt is five favorite places to shop online. Unfortunately, my favorite websites are about as uninspired as my favorite apps: I basically shop a lot at and every once in a while at a site like or Boring, right?

So, instead I am veering off topic and talking about some fun recent workouts!

I have been going through lots of ups and downs with my workouts. Right now I am focusing primarily on strengthening smaller muscles and not doing as much of the heavy weight lifting. Before I head to the gym I do about 30 minutes at home of physical therapist prescribed exercises at home, then I get to the gym and do a little elliptical or the row machine before moving on to strength movements.

Have you ever used a pull-up band? I love, love, love mine. It makes me feel totally badass, too!

Here is a photo of mine set up at the gym. Yes, I probably should have gotten some random dude in the weight room to take a picture of me doing it, but I am too nervous to ask anyone. So, you'll just have to imagine me using it!

So, this is the cage in my gym's weight room. It's just a box structure that has some bars and pegs that hold a barbell. The top bar is for pull-ups, and that is where I loop my band around. Being as tall as I am, I can easily get up there and loop the band, and it's easy for me to get my foot in to my band, as well. In the photo the band is obviously unstretched, it is about double that length when I am in it. I stand on the metal bar on the bottom side of the cage to get in and out. The bar across the back of the cage is the barbell, which isn't terribly obvious by this photo. I typically will do a set of pull-ups then a set of something like thrusters or deadlifts or back squats with the barbell, then repeat that all three times or so. On the day of this picture I had no weight on the barbell and was using it for thrusters. 

The band is a 1 3/4" band and it provides 50-120 pounds of assistance. I don't really understand why the huge range, but that's what it is labelled as. I got it from HERE on Amazon. I *think* I might be ready to try my more narrow band (the thinner the band, the less help it gives you), so I am excited to try that out! 

Some other fun workouts have been pretty simple. One day I did a 12 minute HIIT workout on the rower, then 4 sets of 25 wallballs with 10 push-ups (with the ball) between each set. It was short and hard and perfect!

Another day I was super excited that I set a new record with my dumbbell snatches. I have been stuck at 25# FOREVER and didn't see myself progressing at all. Last week I tried a set of 6 at 30# and nailed it! 

This is a great demo on how to do a dumbbell snatch. Try it! 

Have you reached any fun new PRs recently? Do you do pull-ups in the gym? 

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