Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blogvember Post Nineteen: First Job

Oh, man, this is getting tiring. I completely forgot about doing today's post until, uh, now. How many more days of this do I have? 

My first job wasn't all that exciting, as I doubt many of them are. I was 16, a Junior in high school, and recently moved across the state to a new city. It seemed like time for me to get a job, so I walked in to the nearest grocery store and filled out an application. I must have been interviewed, the details of which I completely have forgotten about, and then hired. Mostly I was a cashier, sometimes I stocked shelves, once I had to work in the deli when the deli girl was sick. The one thing I remember from that particularly dreadful day was that I couldn't work the scale, so I would just tell the customer, "I think that looks like a pound, how about I charge you $3.59 for this tub of potato salad?" and they would agree. 

It was a funny--and not in the haha sort of way-- job. The grocery store was super tiny-- it was a pretty small town and the store was a mom-and-pop kind of a place. Many of the employees on the nights and weekends were high school students. We were quite naughty. Though I never outright went to the shelf and stuck something up my shirt and walked out the door with it, I definitely "accidentally" didn't ring up things my friends would buy. At the time I didn't think that was as bad as shoplifting, for some reason. 

That job started off what would be a decade of customer service jobs. I eventually moved on to work in several grocery stores, including a Trader Joe's. Turns out, I absolutely hate working in customer service. 

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