Friday, November 01, 2013

Blogvember Post One: Life Lessons

I discovered on the internets that a new-to-me blog called a happy girl was hosting a "blog each day in November" sort of a deal. I liked that idea, as I might blog a little more often if I could think of anything to write about besides my workouts and injuries. 

Anyways. I decided to follow the schedule for prompts and do the ones that make sense to me, and write about whatever I want on the days where I am not that excited about the prompts. 

Pretty exciting, no?

So, here goes. Today I am supposed to blog about One of the best lessons life has shown you. 

BUT FIRST! I wanted to show you cute pictures of my daughters in their Halloween costumes (the other goal I have is to include more photos). 

Iris as Hermione.

Eloise as Bat.

So one life lesson? Just one? 

How's this for timeliness: you don't have to eat all of the Halloween candy. No, really, this is kind of earth-shattering. You guys, I got through the last two days eating about 7 pieces of candy total. 

I read a blog post the other day that kind of pointed out the obvious, which was this: you can have candy any day of the year, not just Halloween. Holidays like this sort of promote this idea of "eat it all now because you won't have it again", and that just isn't true. 

Last night after eating a few pieces I started to feel sick. It was pretty fortunate I was able to stop before I had eaten handfuls, instead. I have even been known to keep eating past the point of feeling sick, which is, well, a sickness in and of itself. 

How about you? Any fun life lessons learned recently? 

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