Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Blogvember Post Six: Favorite Apps

First, I will openly admit that I am an android girl through and through. Recently I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I looooooove it. 

SO what apps do I use on a regular basis?

The first? The Starbucks app. Um, yeah. I kind of love that thing. 

Starbucks - screenshot thumbnail
(not my phone)

Next, I use gReader to read blogs, since I hate Feedly so much on my phone. gReader pulls the feed from Feedly, it used to pull from Google Reader (RIP).

gReader | Feedly | News |  RSS - screenshot
(again, not my phone)

I recently put Spotify on my phone and am loving that. I can't use it too much to listen to music at the gym because my phone is too darn big to carry around on my body while I'm working out, but I use it at home and in the car.
Spotify - screenshot thumbnail
(still not my phone)

Then there is the Amazon app. I use that to place orders or do price checks at some stores, mostly Target and Barnes and Noble, to see if what I want to buy I can find cheaper online. 

Amazon Mobile - screenshot thumbnail
(nope, my name ain't Tom)

Of course, I use Facebook daily. A little addicted, but it's so easy to pop in often and check whenever I've got a couple of minutes! I just don't comment much from my phone (so bad at this!). 

Facebook - screenshot thumbnail
(yep, no idea who this is)

What are your favorite apps? 

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  1. Perhaps I shouldn't share this, but my favorite app, hands down, is the one for Walgreens. I can refill a prescription in under ten seconds.


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