Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blogvember Post Thirteen: An Epiphany I Had This Summer

Ooo, an epiphany?! This summer I had a few, and I can't narrow it down to just one. Likely every day was chock full as I lost my everloving mind had a blast having my kids home all summer!

Epiphany One: Gardening is kind of stupid. I actually don't really like to garden, and I really don't enjoy growing my own food. I get very little satisfaction out of it, and it's a huge amount of work and money. My annoyance doesn't stop with my raised garden beds, it extends to the rest of the yard, too. I want the yard to look pretty, I just hate doing the work. I need to be rich and hire a groundskeeper. 

Epiphany Two: I actually CAN do a flip on the trampoline, if I work at overcoming my fear! I always assumed I couldn't, but then one I day I said I would . . . and then I did! 

Epiphany Three: While I have always hated the fact that two of our bedrooms are in our finished basement, this summer it finally dawned on me-- that is the PERFECT spot for bedrooms! It is quiet, dark, and always cool, even in the summer.

Epiphany Four: Summer camps are the greatest inventions of all time. I never knew that until this past summer.

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