Monday, November 25, 2013

Blogvember Post Twenty-Five: A Love Letter, to Myself

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Dear Self,

You are stunning, and wonderful, and incredibly strong. Oh, wait. I guess I can get a little more realistic.

If I am being honest, self, I would tell you that I love your resilience. Come on, you've been through more crap than you really deserve, and you've come out the other side scarred, but stronger. If there is anyone who can make it through a tough situation, it's you. 

I also love your strength, and while I mean both physically and emotionally, I'll focus on the physical here. I never would have thought that you would grow in to a woman who can run fast and far and who can lift iron over her head.

I love that you are a great mom. Yes, you have your less-than-stellar moments, but you kind of kick ass all around when it comes to mothering your girls. Maybe the very best part about you as a mother is that you are always looking for a way to do better and grow from your mistakes. 

Lastly, I love that the older you get, the more you accept who you are, instead of fight against it or see it as a flaw. You always see there is room for growth, but you keep in focus that growing and working towards becoming the best possible version of you means not losing sight of who you are at the core. 

Love, Me


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