Friday, November 29, 2013

Blogvember Post Twenty-Nine: Be Ridiculous

For our second-to-last Blogvember post we were asked to write on the prompt "Be Ridiculous". If you knew me, you would know that if there is one thing I don't like to do, it's acting ridiculous (at least, not on purpose). I am definitely one of those "serious moms" who feels like there is a right and wrong way to act in public, and I get easily embarrassed, or upset, if my family isn't in line

That said, I definitely can appreciate that kids, well, thrive on being a little ridiculous. They love being loud, and silly, and singing songs and dancing in the aisles at the store. At least my little girl does. My older girl is definitely turning in to me in the sense that she now get embarrassed more easily if someone in her family is calling attention to her/us with their behavior. 

Fortunately my girls have a dad who likes to be pretty ridiculous with them. While I often want no part of it, I certainly can appreciate how much they all enjoy it. I might just run off and hide, though!

When I was little my dad was a lot like my husband is now. I had the dad who would play with a group of kids when other parents wouldn't. I felt like it was pretty darn awesome that the fun dad was MY dad. 

So now I rarely participate in being ridiculous, unless it's in the privacy of my own home and involves belting out some Taylor Swift lyrics along with my sweet dance moves. And that's just fine with me. 

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