Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blogvember Post Twenty-Six: Another OT Post

I was supposed to write about a favorite teacher for this post. I know for sure that I have had some exceptional teachers growing up, but I don't remember too many details about them. Surely not enough to write any sort of blog post. 

Instead, I wanted to post another workout update. Woo Hoo!

Lately I always start my workouts with some rower or elliptical (but usually the rower). I used to do a HIIT workout of 2 minute warm-up then 3 rounds of 1 minute hard/2 minutes easy then a 1 minute cool-down after the last easy. Now I am enjoying a bit shorter intervals: 30 seconds hard/90 seconds easy.

My gym workouts have been just a little shorter recently because I have a huge series of physical therapy exercises I also do at home. 

A few recent workouts:

*12 mins HIIT on the rower
*warm-up stretches
/*3 sets of 4 chin-ups with the purple band
\*3 sets of 8 Romanian deadlifts (pretty much just like a regular deadlift, but you don't go down as far)
*3 sets of 10 torso twists on the cable machine
*3 sets of 8 lat pull-downs on the cable machine

*20 mins elliptical
/*3 sets of 6 knees to elbows
\*3 sets of 8 cable squat rows
/*3 sets of 8 sumo deadlift high-pulls
\*3 sets of 4 chin-ups with the purple band

How to do a sumo deadlift high-pull

*12 mins HIIT on rower
*warm-up stretches
*3 sets of 8 pistol squats
two rounds of:
     *20 back squats
     *20 overhead lunges 
     *20 thrusters
     *10 push-ups

*10 mins HIIT on rower
*warm-up stretches
/*3 sets of 8 dumbbell bench presses
\*3 sets of 8 (4 each side) single-leg hip thrusts
*3 sets of 12 (6 each side) dumbbell snatch

How to do a dumbbell snatch

I have also loved doing the "Dirty 30" and the 100 workout for legs.

Have you done any fun workouts lately?

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