Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Luckily after I last posted the Christmas spirit found me. Just in time!


We had such a fun Christmas this year. Likely thanks in no small part to me just turning my frown upside down. 

I went to the gym on Christmas Eve, then came home and cooked/baked. I made two of my favorite Christmas cookies from my Grandmother's recipes! Once I was done baking I left the sugar cookies out to be frosted by Matt, Iris and Eloise. They did a great job!

After dinner it was time to open the Christmas pajamas, the Christmas game and our ornaments. Then we all settled in for the girls (and my!) first viewing of A Christmas Story before tucking the girls in to bed. Matt and I then crammed all the gifts under the tree and sped off to bed ourselves so that Santa could come!

Showing off their pajamas and the family's ornaments.

Santa was here! He brought the kittens a bunch of things and a couple of small things 
for the girls since he knew we already got the girls their biggest gift.

Merry Christmas from Inky!

Christmas day was so, so lovely. It is always very low-key for us as we like to stay home, just the four of us. It was a beautiful day, but we stayed in and had a yummy brunch (pumpkin pancakes, eggs, sausages and bacon) and dinner (homemade mac-n-cheese with bacon, turkey and salad). In between we hung out and played with new Christmas toys.

I got a Keurig! Man, this thing is AWESOME. 

Hi from Opal! 

Eloise's gift from her sister. 

My dad made the girls cabinets for their American girls' doll clothes. Well, theoretically. 
So far Eloise uses hers to store all sorts of other things (see above). 

Matt and I had a fun conversation about our family goals for 2014, mostly focusing on whether or not we want to sell or remodel our house. We NEED something better suited to our family! We also decided that Christmas 2014 would be spent at a resort in Mexico, so I am already working on those plans. If you have ever been to a family-friendly resort in Mexico, give me your recommendations on where to stay!

My favorite Christmas gift! Matt and the girls made this medal rack for me. 
I love, love, love it!

The day after Christmas we loaded up and headed to Yakima to see Matt's side of the family. We had the most lovely time ever. It was Matt's parents, his sister and her husband and their two year old daughter and her husband's mom and his mom's boyfriend. After we arrived we all visited, then opened gifts, then had dinner. My mother-in-law was so darn smart, she had a catering company make us a HUGE turkey/ham dinner and they delivered it, still warm, right at dinner time! 

The next day I headed out for a morning run/walk. It was my first time running 4 minutes to my 1 minute walk, so that was fun. It was so cold, 19*! Later in the day we did a little shopping at Target so the girls could spend their Christmas money and I could check over the post-Christmas clearance section. After dinner (I had leftovers about thirteen times while I was there!), Iris and I had a special date together to see Catching Fire. We had finished reading the book on Christmas night, so the story was very fresh in our minds. Despite leaving out so many of the juicy details that were included in the book, the movie was amazing!

And then, on the morning of the 28th, the girls and I packed up and headed home. Matt stayed in Yakima an extra night to help out his parents with a few things. We had a really fun drive home. Heidi, our dog, rode shotgun (she is usually relegated to the rear of the car) and Iris was our DJ for the trip. Add on a stop at Starbucks and a gorgeous trip over a mountain pass and you have the recipe for a perfect drive!

My co-pilot. Note: picture taken while in the Starbucks drive-thru.

Typically we don't take the tree down until New Year's day, but this year I took it down the second I got home because I was sick of the kittens messing with it and all of the space it takes up.

Now Christmas is winding down. I have eaten my weight in cookies and other sweets, and am ready to leave the holiday behind and move in to the new year. Bring it on!

How was your Christmas? 


  1. Hi Sybil! I don't comment often but I still follow and enjoy your blog. We really missed seeing you guys this year at Thanksgiving, we took Jason's dad to the Apple Cup for his 75th b'day instead. :-) It isn't Mexico but several of our friends have taken family vacations to the Atlantis resort and the boys are dying to go. And if you do decide to sell the casa and move, please consider the CD! We find it to be very family friendly and relatively affordable, and gosh it would be great fun to have friends in the 'hood when we are there. Happy New Year to you, Matt & the girls!! -Noël

  2. Hi Noel! SO nice to hear from you. We have missed seeing you all, as well. I don't think we will ever leave West Seattle, but you certainly aren't too far away in the CD! Let me know next time you are there so we can come visit :)


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