Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas, Kittens and Running

It has been QUITE the week. Luckily, I think the biggest chunk of holiday craziness is now behind me. Having family out of state means shopping, packing and shipping presents to several different places, and I panic it will all get there on time. It would seem my early panic served me well, however, because presents have already safely arrived at their destinations. BOOM. 

As far as shopping for the girls . . . every single year I do this thing where I really sort through the gift ideas, and thoughtfully shop for things, then I always, always end up over-spending and giving more than I intended to. So annoying! It's always just fine in the end, but I get annoyed with myself for thinking I am doing so much better each year, when really? I'm not.

So, those kittens. Oh, they are the sweetest things ever. Want to see for yourselves?

Exhibit A: 


The kittens have been doing really well, overall, and are settling in nicely. They had a vet visit last Monday and it turned out that Opal, the gray one, had a kitty cold. She is on medication, including an eye ointment that she LOVES me sticking on her eyeballs twice day (or not really). This morning Inky, the black one, woke up with one of his eyes all messed up, so we think he caught the cold, too. Of course, the place we got the kittens from didn't tell me until today that the place they originally came from had a wicked virus going around the cats. Oh, gee. THANKS. While I am annoyed at how awful the place was where we got the kittens, I am glad that we can take care of them and get them what they need to get better.

The one thing that has been really difficult is that it turns out I am allergic to these little buggers. I have never had more than a mild reaction to cats in my life, and only when I pet a cat and then touch my eyes. So the fact that I am having a full-blown allergy attack now is beyond frustrating. The hardest part is when I have a hard time breathing. My naturopath is helping me out, though, and I am confident that we can find a solution that lets us keep the kittens and doesn't leave me feeling like I'm going to die every night. So far Zyrtec doesn't seem to help, neither does the quercitin I am taking every day. Luckily I got an inhaler, which has come in handy. 

And, last but not least, I have been running a little again! My PT has me on a plan where last week I did a 1 nin run: 1 min walk plan, going through each five times. This week it is up to a 2:1. Next week 3:1, then 4:1. After that I should be ready to run continuously for 15-20 minutes. I only get to run on softer surfaces, like a turf soccer field, a track or a treadmill, but it's a great start. 

Do you have your Christmas shopping done? 

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