Thursday, December 05, 2013

Okay, I Just Couldn't Stay Away

A funny thing happened when I blogged every day for a month . . . I started missing it in the past few days!

December has been quite lovely so far. 

The first started with a bang-- my friend Heather and I (she was on my Ragnar team, it was so fun to see her again!) volunteered for the Seattle Marathon. 

If there is one amazing place to hang out, it's at a finish line of a half marathon or marathon. We got to witness people cross the line in every state from looking like they barely strolled around the block to collapsing the second the stopped moving. (Side note, there was an incredible first aid response at the race!) I loved looking at what people were wearing, what kind of shoes they had on, whether they ran with someone and hugged/kissed/raised their hands as they crossed the finish line. I know every one of those runners (and walkers!) had incredible stories of how they got to that moment. 

My two favorite moments were spotting my friend M and his wife D cross the line. I didn't know they were running, so it was a surprise to go over and hug them and gave them medals. Turned out it was D's first half marathon! Then my friend J crossed the line after running his first marathon! He did an unbelievable job, it was so inspiring. I screamed like an idiot for him and got to give him a hug and a medal, as well. 

Part of a huge rack of medals!

It has gotten very, very cold here in Seattle over the past few days. The girls and I are all incensed that it isn't snowing. What a waste of icy weather!

Taken on a 28* walk with my dog.

The other day I dropped in to a cat adoption center and met this guy. He didn't come home with me but O.M.G. he loved me. I loved him. It was true love. He also covered me in orange hair. 

His name is Alexander.

Today the girls got their teeth cleaned, and there were no cavities! I had to treat them to cupcakes afterwards. Of course.

The last exciting thing is that I "got to" run a little today! 1 min walk/1 min run, 5 times. I have run a teeny bit with my dog on and off during walks (like 1/2 a block), but that wasn't with permission. It was fun to be running "for real" today! No picture of that. Darn it!

How is your December going? 

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