Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Year in Review

January 2013 feels like it was ages ago. Does it feel that way to you, too? 

So, let's review from the very beginning.

January 2013

I made some resolutions and hopes . . . and hardly did any of the things on the list. This year? Not worrying about resolutions. Just going to try and run. And run. And run. 

My resolutions for running in 2013 

Yep 1. Not set any PRs in distances I have already raced. 
Nope 2. Run a trail race.
Yep 3. Volunteer at a race.
Sort of? 4. Improve strength. This is a tough resolution, I was going to write "strength train twice a week for 30 minutes" but I realized that isn't an easy one to measure. I would rather make a goal, like "do 20 big-girl push-ups in a row" or something. I will keep thinking about this.
Nope 5. Try a new recipe once every week.
Nope 6. Read 12 fiction books.

My hopes for running in 2013

Nope 1. Run a marathon.
Nope 2. Do a destination race (carrying this over from 2012!).
Nope 3. Run 1,000+ miles.
Big. Fat. NOPE. 4. Not be side-lined by an injury.

February 2013

I did my first 5K post-injury and had a lot of fun! 

I got my first MRI . . . and it ruined Steve Miller Band for me for the rest of eternity. 

March 2013

I got to wear a walking boot for six weeks due to a partial tear of my plantar fascia, which coincided nicely with the brace (and eventual cast) that my then 6 year old got to wear when she broke her arm.

April 2013

I did a #BostonStrong run with a local running store. 

I hit 1,000 miles run total for my running career-- at least, 1,000 miles that I logged on dailymile. How exciting! 

May 2013

We did The Color Run for Mother's Day.

Iris joined me (on her bike) for an 8 mile run! We had a blast!

Eloise joined me (also on her bike) for a run, too!

June 2013

June was a super fun month. First I did an awesome 11+ mile run

Then I checked out low tide with Iris

Had a fun, crazy week that involved camping with my daughter's 1st grade class. 

July 2013

Is there anything to say about this month besides, "Ragnar, baby!"?

August 2013

We took a summer vacation near Lake Chelan, WA. 

September 2013

The girls went back to school! Hallelujah! 

I finally made a birthday post for my daughter who turned seven almost a full month earlier! 

I likely fractured my foot. Again. 

I worked up the courage to do a flip on my girls' trampoline. 

October 2013


I learned a lot about salmon because of my 5th grader's studies. 

I also quit my (very part-time) job in October, but I didn't really blog about it, so I don't have a link for that. It was definitely a huge moment for me this year!

November 2013

I wrote a post a day for November 2013. Nothing too earth-shattering (not that the rest of my posts from the year were!) but I had some fun with it. 

I walked down memory lane when I wrote a post reminiscing about elementary school

The whole family spent a night at Great Wolf Lodge, which was a total blast! 

December 2013

These amazing little things happened to us.

Christmas came . . . and went. 

On to another year!


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