Monday, January 20, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Week of January 13 to January 19

I think am back to having a reasonably consistent, and varied, workout schedule, so I thought it would be fun to bring these posts back to my blog! 

You will see that my strength workouts have been all but dropped completely. The biggest reason for this? I took so much time off of regular workouts over the holidays, and when I went back to doing anything strength-related I felt so weak. To be honest, it sucked. A LOT. And it was a little demoralizing. So I am sort of shying away from things that take a lot of strength, and focusing on things that improve my strength as it relates to running. But, yes, I am much weaker now that I have been in a while-- luckily I don't care as much because I have been running more!

Total Miles Run: 11.85

Monday: Yoga

I am going to try to go to yoga once a week, at least for a while, to see how I feel incorporating it in to my fitness routine. This class turned out to be just what I needed, as the instructor had us doing lots of hip openers and even had us using foam rollers! 

Tuesday: Run 3 Miles and PT exercises

Chugging along on my run/walk. 

Wednesday: Cardio and Strength

*10 mins elliptical
*10 mins HIIT on the rower (I do 1:30 easy/:30 hard)
/*2 x 10 with my heels touching on a stability ball, my body up in a bridge pose, rolling the ball towards my                 bottom and back out again
 *2 x 10 same as above, just with my toes touching instead of my heels
\*2 x 10 stability ball roll-outs 
/*3 x 10 sumo squats with a 30# kettlebell
\*3 x 10 KB swings with 30# kettlebell

I was unreasonably sore in my quads, inner thighs the next day. So sad.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4.1 Miles Run and PT exercises

I was supposed to run 3 miles-- ALL of my mid-week runs on this marathon plan are 3 miles!-- but a mile in to it I was feeling good and decided to do 4 miles, instead. It was a wonderful run, I really enjoyed pushing the distance a little bit. 

Saturday: Easy Cardio

I had planned on going to the gym, but instead did a bunch of dancing with my girls. Hooray for Just Dance! (My absolute favorite is dancing to "Kiss You" by One Direction. Yes, I think something is seriously wrong with me.)

Sunday: 4.75 Miles Run 

This run was my long run of the week, and was supposed to be 4 miles. I completely intended on going only 4 miles, but then mis-judged the distance! I ran about 1/2 mile to a local park with some trails, went around the trails (including up some very steep and long hills!) and then back to where I started. I tried to stick to my 4/1 run/walk, but with the hills and everything I ended up walking at different times, when I needed to. Around mile 4 I walked a little extra to get my heart rate down, as well. That is the beauty of the run/walk, I suppose, is that it really helps remove your ego from the process, and needing to RUN THE WHOLE DAMN THING. I think this whole run took me about 50 minutes? 

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  1. I have started incorporating more yoga into my workouts this year and love how good it feels! Great week!


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