Monday, January 27, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

What a great week! If every week of workouts was like this one, I would be very happy, indeed. The only thing lacking was my PT exercises. I feel like it is so hard to fit in every single thing-- so this week the PT exercises fell to the wayside. I did, however, do more foam rolling, and even dragged out my (super painful) black roller to give my legs some post-run torture love today. 

Total Miles Run: 12.5

Monday: Yoga

Another amazing yoga class. One highlight was that my instructor pulled out these yoga tune-up balls for us to play with. We took one ball and leaned up against a wall and stuck the ball between our TFL and the wall, and then just worked the ball in to the muscle . . . ouch! And ahhh! And then we could roll in in to our glutes and anywhere else. It was great. When we were done on the wall we took two balls and put them in the little baggies and could use it almost like you would use a foam roller, rolling hamstrings or quads on it. 

Tuesday: TRX class

It was my first time doing TRX and I really enjoyed it! I was pretty scared it was going to kick my butt, and while it was a great workout, the secret I discovered about TRX is that you can make it easier or harder as you like. And if you're feeling a little lazier, you don't have to push as hard. I have five more classes to attend in order to use up my Groupon, so I'm excited to go back for more TRX classes! Maybe I'll even go get another Menchie's afterwards like I did after this class . . . 

Wednesday: 3 Mile Run

Nothing fancy, though I *tried* to pick it up in my run intervals just a teensy bit. I'm not ready to officially do any speed workouts, but a few seconds per mile faster will hopefully not break me!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4.5 Mile Run

This run was great because I felt strong, the sun was out, and I got to run a bit along Alki, so I was rewarded with a beautiful view of Elliott Bay. 

Saturday: Strength, Walking with Friends, Basketball with the Family

In the morning I did a quick workout at the gym:
*10 mins rower
3 Rounds of:
*10 bridges w/ feet on the stability ball (heels together) rolling ball to my bum and back out
*10 bridges w/ feet on the stability ball (toes together) rolling ball to my bum and back out
*10 stability ball roll-outs (shins on ball, rolling ball up in to my chest and back out)
*10 squats with 25# plate on chest
*10 lunges with 10# plate held overhead
*10 push-ups, on knees and trying to keep elbows tucked to my side (this is HARD!)

After the workout I met my friends to go for a walk. One of our dearest friends, and one of my favorite running partners, suffered a heart attack recently and he was just cleared to go on a 20 minute walk. So a few of us friends met him to walk for 20 mins, then we had coffee.

Then my husband, girls and I went to play a little basketball at the playground! Eloise and I stayed longer and walked home, so I got in another 20 mins of walking there. It felt good, but super tiring, to have such an active day!

Sunday: 5 Mile Run

My longest run in a while! I mis-judged how cold it would be and was freezing for the first couple of miles. Oddly, the temperature was the same as the day before when I walked with friends, I think the difference was the sun wasn't out this morning. I was able to maintain a 10 min/mile pace doing a 4/1 run/walk, and that boosted my confidence a bit. Yes, it was a little hard still, but I am excited to see how the rest of this training goes, and hopefully I can hold a 10 min/mile pace in the marathon if I keep this training up! 

And here's a random cute picture from when I had lunch at Eloise's school with her:

Yes, we've had some gorgeous weather this week! 


  1. What a great week of workouts!! :)

    I stayed inside yesterday morning because I thought it was really cold outside, but my S.O. made me go ride my bike around Lake Sammamish yesterday afternoon, and it was so beautiful!

    1. Ooo, that was a really smart choice yesterday! If I had waited even an hour to do my run it would have been sunny out :( Ah, well!


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