Thursday, January 02, 2014

So, Now What?

Ah, the start of a new year.

Seems like a great time to spend half the day dreaming up a new training plan, no? 

Let me back-track a bit. 

I have been running . . . a little. I started a few weeks ago doing 5 rounds of a 1/1 run/walk. I am now up to a 4/1 run/walk. It is okay. It's a little boring, I run laps on soft surfaces or a treadmill, and it's humbling to just be doing run/walk. I asked my PT what he thought about me upping my mileage so I could train, again, for a marathon, and he suggested I look in to Jeff Galloway's plans. Jeff Galloway. The champion of the run/walk method. So I looked in to his marathon training plan and was blown away by how different it looked from what I had read about in other plans. Two 30 min run/walks a week and a longer run/walk on the weekend. His plan even calls for going up to 26 miles in training! Say what?

So, I started asking around to see if anyone else had heard of this, or had tried it, or knew someone who tried it, or thought about trying it, or . . . . well, I got some decent feedback! Then, as if they were all up in my brain, the women behind Another Mother Runner posted a question on facebook from a mama who was looking in to a Galloway plan to keep her injuries at bay (I swear, it wasn't my post!) and she got over one hundred positive responses! 


I sat down and looked over the plan and quickly realized I don't have enough weeks between now at the Seattle Rock-n-Roll marathon to follow his entire plan as written. I had to scale back. Lo and behold, I realized I could cut the plan so my long runs top off at 20 miles, which is pretty common for marathon training. A friend mentioned she only trained up to 20 miles following his plan, so I thought "hey, good enough for her, good enough for me!" and erased a bunch of weeks from the end of the plan, moved the training days around on the calendar and presto! I had in my grubby hands a real, live marathon training planning. 

Being the over achiever I am (ha!), I quickly started looking up half marathons that fall at the right spot in my training and found a couple that looked interesting, including a trail half marathon. I mentioned these to a good friend, and might get her on board with those races, so we shall see.

It's all very exciting for me.

Now I need to focus on getting my ass in gear and out of holiday slug mode. I am truly embarrassed about how much crap I have eaten in the past week. I have no idea how, but the scale hasn't gone up (thank goodness)-- and lest you think I'm humble-bragging, I will admit that I have definitely lost strength and endurance over the past few weeks. I would rather carry more lbs and be stronger than the opposite. Yesterday at the gym I tried to do 5 sets of 20 wall balls with 10 push-ups between each set and was practically dead by the end of the 4th set and I quit. It's probably just that I am gaining fat and losing muscle faster than I can shove handfuls of sugar cookies and tortilla chips down my throat. 

Anyways, that's the training news around here! Trying to wrap my head around the run/walk method while still wanting to be a "real" runner. Whatever that means. When it came time to train for the full I, yet again, whipped out my Hal Higdon Novice One plan and you know what? I have gotten injured twice trying to do that plan (not saying it's Hal's fault, it probably just has bad ju-ju associated with it now). I need a new plan. 

Please, oh please, just don't let me be one of those run/walkers on the race course that the "real" runners curse about under their breath as they get stuck behind me when it's time for my walk interval. 

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  1. A "real runner".... you lace up your shoes? You're out there? At some point you're going at a speed that is faster than a walk and gets your heart rate to rise- YOU AREA RUNNER!


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