Monday, February 10, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

So, I did, like, basically nothing this entire past week.

How many miles did I run? ZERO. My schedule called for a long run of only 5K and two 3 mile runs, so I don't feel too upset about it. I was going to run on Sunday but then a bunch of things out of my control happened to make the run not happen. No biggie. I will try to just get right back in to it this week.

Yes, I need to pay attention to what my PT suggested, which was to stop running if I am having the same issues. But here's the thing: I don't really want to. I know, I know, but I swear, I will never ever ever get back together run pain-free, so I'm just going to run mostly pain-free and call it good enough for now. And keep working towards the holy grail, but not stop everything while I am on my way. 

So the workouts this week were only some PT work every day (clamshelling the heck out of my glutes!) and ONE measly workout with my dear friend Sarah. We work out soooo slowly together, since we have so much gabbing to do. Hey, even our jaws need a workout, right?

The workout we did together was almost the exact same as the one we did last Saturday, only we swapped ellipticalling for rowing.

Warm-up, then:
*20 mins elliptical 
/*3 sets of 10 squats w/ 10# plate
\*3 sets of 10 assisted pull-ups and 10 assisted tricep dips
/*3 sets of 10 stability ball roll-outs
/*3 sets of 10 ball/bridge roll-outs
\*3 sets of 10 overhead lunges w/ 10# plate
\*3 sets of 10 squats w/ 10# plate

I thought I would do my Sunday run AND my yoga class on Monday . . . we'll see if I actually do it. It's so hard to come back from a week of barely moving to a double workout day. I'll report back. If I survive. 

p.s. My cold is mostly gone and the kitten seems to be about 10% improved. Still super duper worried about him, but he did move around a tiny bit over the weekend and even scratched his claws on the scratcher and batted a couple of times at a toy! Hurray! 

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