Monday, February 17, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Allrighty, mostly back in my groove again this past week!

Total miles run: 18 (!)

Monday: Yoga and 3.1 mile run

I didn't feel good enough to do my run on Sunday, so I decided to double up on Monday and get a yoga class in before going to the gym to do a 5K on the treadmill. 

Tuesday: Bootcamp

I really enjoyed this bootcamp class at a local gym. There were three of us ladies there for the class and the instructor set up three different circuits of three different exercises. We did things like jumping jacks, jump rope or stretches between each circuit. The circuits were things like rowing, farmer carries, upper body work with the rip stick, squat moves with the cable machine, box jumps, ab work with the medicine balls . . . it was a great workout. 

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Short and sweet. Nothing too exciting except for how warm it was out! I ran in shorts and a long sleeved shirt and got too warm!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4 mile run

Did an early (for me) morning run along Alki. I spotted some geese and their goslings! So cute!

Saturday: Rest

Typically this is a crosstraining day for me, but I didn't feel great, so I took the day off of doing a regular workout and instead only did my PT exercises.

Sunday: 7.9 mile run

Had a wonderful run with my friend Sally. We met at Gasworks Park, ran over the Fremont Bridge, in to Magnolia, then over the Ballard Locks, back through Ballard and ended at Gasworks again. It was a really fun run, and I was so glad Sally humored me by taking some walk breaks. I decided not to torture her with a 4:1 run:walk, so instead we just walked for about a minute at the end of each mile. I think it worked well for me.

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  1. Fantastic week and it appears you're very much aware of preventing injury.


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