Monday, March 03, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Total Miles Run: 19.2

Whew, what a week! I shifted my runs around a little bit this week because Sally and I made plans do our long run together on Saturday, where I typically run long on Sunday. It worked out really well! But I also added some really tough strength workouts, in addition to my longest run yet in many months, so it was exhausting-- but still so much fun. 

Monday: Yoga

I was home with a sick daughter on Monday, so I did a very short yoga video on YouTube that was supposed to be for runners. It was okay. She was doing some moves that are very difficult for me because I am so, so, so inflexible. I need to find some other videos for times I can't make it to class!

Tuesday: Run 3 Miles

Nothing fancy. 

Wednesday: Train With Trainer plus 2 Miles

Oh, my. I wrote a bit about this workout last Wednesday on the ol' blog. It started with a 2 mile warm-up run. The stretching, then leg swings, then running drills, then the strength exercises. It took about 75 minutes total.

Thursday: Run 5 Miles

Such a gorgeous morning for a run! It was my absolute ideal. My phone said it was 47*, and it was sunny and no wind. PERFECT. I wore my cw-x capris and a short sleeved shirt with arm sleeves. The arm sleeves came down about 1/2 way in to the run. 

Friday: Rest

SO needed it. My legs were fried after Wednesday and Thursday! 

Saturday: Run 9.2 Miles

This was mostly a great run. I met up with Sally in the middle of her 18 miler. We tackled a very long and pretty steep hill right off the bat. It kicked my ass and I needed to walk a couple of times. After that it downhill almost the whole rest of the way, whew! I felt great after that hill was behind me, but my feet started "falling asleep" about 8 miles in. It was the weirdest feeling! Sally and another friend suggested it might have been from tying my shoes too tight . . . and I think it probably was. I also had on compression socks, so my feet were squished.

Sunday: Strength Workout at the Gym

I was scared for this workout, as it was the one my trainer gave me from Wednesday. I knew it would be hard, but I got it all done in just under an hour (I wasn't trying to go fast!). Most exercises I did two sets of 10 or 15:

*lateral lunges
*single leg jumps with a touch back (bend over, touch the ground and extend the same side leg behind, then come back upright and jump on one leg)
*bulgarian split squats
*lunge jumps
*dumbbell chest presses with back on bosu ball
*close grip chest presses with back on bosu ball
*dumbbell chest presses, alternating arms, with back on bosu ball
*step up single leg shoulder presses (step one leg up on to a bench while lifting weights in to a shoulder press)
*speed step ups
*tricep cable push downs
*bench dips
*calf raises with toes in/out/neutral
*lateral lunges with bosu ball
*push-ups with bosu ball
*plank with elbow to knee on bosu ball

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