Monday, March 10, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

Well, this was an odd week. Not too many miles run, but hey, not every week is perfect! Got a lot of strength workouts in, though, which was nice.

Total Miles Run: 8.4

Monday: Yoga

Had a substitute yoga teacher, which made me cranky. I want MY yoga teacher, darnitall! Was a decent class, but not my favorite.

Tuesday: 2.2 Miles Run and Bootcamp

I really wanted to go to bootcamp even though it was a running day, so I decided to do both! I don't think my body would hold up to too many two-a-days, but this went well. Tried to do some intervals on my short morning run to make it "worth it". The bootcamp was okay. There were six of us in the class, when in the past there has been only me or two other people. The instructor spent a lot of time setting up stations and explaining things so I felt like I didn't end up working as hard as I usually do in the class. 

Wednesday: Strength With My Trainer

She taught me a "pull" sequence (last week she taught me  "push"). Have you ever heard of dividing workouts in to push/pull? My previous trainer, who had me doing more crossfit-style lifting, was in to push/pull (she also added a "plyo" day). To be honest, I am not completely clear on what push/pull means, other than pushing is more pushing weight away from your body, and pulling is more pulling in. But it's not that simple. It also involves different muscle groups, and working out a push group one day and a pull group another day is supposed to be beneficial. Sounds good enough to me. In this workout I warmed up (crazy hard warm-up), then:

*butt blaster (lay with head and shoulders on a stability ball, then lower hips and bring them back up)
*donkey kicks with an exercise band
*single arm high pull 
*dumbbell deadlift
*front raises with dumbbell
*diagonal row to shoulder press with dumbbell
*one arm row squat matrix
*hamstring curl on stability ball
*snatch with dumbbell
*balancing bicep curl

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Strength at Home

I repeated Wednesday's workout. Was supposed to have run, but I was home with a "sick" kiddo (likely just sick of school and I was suckered in to letting her stay home when I really needed her to be at school!) so I couldn't run. Strength instead! I bought a stability ball on Thursday so it was nice to put it to use. I also ordered a bosu ball, can't wait to try it out at home!

Saturday: Rest

Took the day off to support one of my favorite runners! My sister-in-law was running her first half marathon and the girls and I made a pretty epic cheering effort, if I do say so myself. She ran the Lake Sammamish half marathon, which is a point-to-point course (note to self: do one of those!) so we found her at three different points on the course AND met her at the finish line! One of the funniest things about that was not only did we see my SIL four times, but also everyone who was running right in front of her. Those people might have been sick of us by the end, haha.

Ordered a 12 pack of cowbells from Amazon for the Ragnar team, but we 
busted out three of them to cheer on Saturday. They worked great!

My girlies with their signs. Mine said "Help! My sister-in-law is half crazy!" and 
it got a few chuckles from runners, including my sister-in-law!

I have said it before and I will say it again: I like cheering for races almost as much as I like running them. It is SO. MUCH. FUN. to cheer on runners. Next time I cheer my sign will say "holding this sign is making my arm tired" because the girls were cracking me up complaining their arm hurt holding it up for high-fives.

Sunday: 6.2 Miles Run

So happy that a friend watched the girls for me so I could get out for a run! After torrential downpours all afternoon and evening on Saturday I was nervous it would be a soggy run on Sunday-- but as luck would have it, the weather was perfect! I ended up losing my long sleeves and ran in a tank and shorts. Ahhh!

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