Monday, March 31, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

This week was . . . a little frustrating. It started off really well, yoga on Monday felt good, if not really difficult to do the day after a half marathon. I wasn't feeling hurt (yet . . .) but my legs just about laughed out loud when the instructor asked us to do half moon. For the first time ever I was like, um, no. I am going to do something else, then I promptly slumped in to pigeon pose.

Tuesday is my new track day, but I wasn't sure I was ready for that yet, so I swapped it for a strength session, which felt good. No major issues, though my knee was starting to be a little whiny, especially on lateral lunges. 

Wednesday I met with my PT and let her know I was starting to get a wee bit worried about my knee. It was a new thing, this time it was the inside of my left knee- an area I have never had any kind of pain or discomfort in. My PT decided that it was bugging me because my IT band tugged on the outside of my knee during the half, which might have thrown off my knee cap and caused pain on the inside. She said she wasn't overly worried about it, and we talked about some other things and she cleared me to keep running. 

I ran that afternoon and felt good, but my knee felt like it went downhill after that until Friday night when I was almost in tears, with ice on my knee, not knowing whether or not I should do my long run the next morning. In a perfect world, I wouldn't have run, but in my real world, I decided to go for it. The knee felt decent by morning and while Iit bugged me a bit during the run, it never erupted in to full blown pain. I also seemed to notice a direct correlation between actively focusing on my glutes and a decrease in knee discomfort. 

Luckily, at this exact moment in time, I can't feel my inner knee. It made a few squeaks at me while I did my strength workout on Sunday afternoon, but nothing significant.

Anyways, the other exciting thing about Sunday is that it marked the end of the first half of my marathon training plan. I have made it half way. I have run a half marathon. Now the real fight begins. Will I be strong enough to get to the start line of this marathon? Who knows, but I am working like hell to strengthen all of the right muscles. Stay tuned! 

Total Miles Run: 13.2

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Strength

"Push" sequence.

Wednesday: 5K Run

I did this run as my Rock-n-Roll Las Vegas virtual 5K. Was going to link to it, but apparently the site is down? Or no longer active? I guess I am supposed to get a free t-shirt out of doing this, which is fun. 

I decided I want to get pink laces for these shoes. To add some frill. 

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3 Miles Run

Typically I don't ever run back-to-back days, and it probably was especially not a good idea when my knee was already hurting, but there ya go. I did it this week like an idiot.

Frozen corn on my knee. Exciting.

Saturday: 7.3 Miles Run 

This was a wonderful run with Sally. We ran around Greenlake as part of the route and it was so lovely. Since it was a cloudy/rainy morning there wasn't a ton of people out running around the lake so it was almost peaceful!

Sitting in the car waiting for the rain to stop. It actually did about 1/2 mile in to the run 
and then I just sweated my booty off in my dumb rain jacket. 

Sunday: Strength and Myofascial Release

I did a scaled back strength workout from home. Focused a lot on abs and then spent a lot of time with the "it hurts-so-good" tennis ball under the most tender parts of my butt and back. Ouch. 

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