Friday, April 04, 2014

A Real Effort

I just realized that I didn't really ever intend to use this blog as just a training log, which, when I look back at my post list, is what it is turning in to. So, in order to keep it from just being a log, I'm going to try a little harder to come up with something to say. Here goes!

This will be another disjointed post full of random updates. That's maybe better than a training log, right?

I got a massage today with a new guy. It was okay. I have now seen two new people since my old massage therapist closed up her shop and it's a frustrating experience. And yes, I am fully aware that this is a FWP (first world problem). The guy I saw today came highly recommended, and I think he might be okay, but I didn't have an instant "OMG I love you" feeling right off the bat. Yes, I went for a massage because of my running aches and pains, but I spent the entire time on my stomach and he worked only on my legs. I think for that my legs would feel 100% better, but they don't. Of course, that might just be the fault of my totally bum legs, and not the massage therapist. He did teach me a couple of things that I appreciated, such as a new-to-me stretch for the front of my hips and a series of movements to increase my range of motion in my hips. 

The one main thing I wanted help with was my new issue-- my inner left knee is still bugging me. It's not awful. Definitely not sure if I should be running on it, so I decided to take off of running during the week this week so I can attack my 12 miler this weekend. That will truly be the test for this new issue. 

I am sure I can come up with something non-running related to say, right? Right? 

This week my daughters' school had their science fair. Have you seen the below image floating around the interwebs recently? It nails it on the head. Exactly. 

Sadly the yelling and crying chart is the most accurate part of this. Eloise cried approximately 
eleven million times. I may or may not have yelled more than that. 

I thought I had the brilliant idea of having the girls do a project together, though I'm not sure if it was better or worse than last year when the girls both had expensive and time-consuming projects that didn't really end up working in the end, anyways. But, science, you know? The only thing this project above is missing is the total cost. Our stupid trifold board alone was over $9.00. Another $12 for the sharpies. Another $10 for supplies. 

The girls made rock candy. It was fairly cool, but still a pain in the ass. And it exactly didn't work how we thought it would. Yay science!

Speaking of girls and school, I signed up to teach a math games type class at the school. It been a secret dream of mine to bring a math club or something to the school, but make it really fun and interesting, play games and do crafts and whatnot. Here's the kicker, though: you guys, I am not good at math (well, anything beyond basic math). I always hated math, always assumed I was terrible at math, always struggled with it. Since becoming so involved with my girls' edumacation, however, I have started to realize that it doesn't have to be totally sucky. It can maybe, possibly, sorta be fun, too. So I am diving head first in to a world of math, something way, way, way outside of my comfort zone, in an effort, to, simply, help make kids excited about math in a way I never was.

That said, feel free to send me your tips, ideas, well wishes, and boxes of wine! 

This delightful little graphic explains my issue perfectly.

Also, in reaching for my Mother of the Year award, I decided to let my bigger girl stay home from school on Friday so that we could do something fun together. Let's just hope that something isn't just her watching YouTube videos all day while I fold laundry and use my foam roller. Well, I can't foam roll and fold laundry at the same time, but maybe some day. So far she is trying to talk me in to buying a bunch of expensive crap for her to make her own lotions and perfumes and whatnot. Damn YouTube! I only told her we were not going to the mall, and that we were going to lunch somewhere yummy (because I love lunch). Will let you know how it goes! Maybe even instagram our day together?

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