Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Family Member!

Meet our new boy! 
Currently un-named because we can't all agree on a name. . .

Oh, this big boy! He is the sweetest thing. 

It didn't take long after Inky's death for our family to realize that there was now a missing piece in our family that only another kitten could fill. Our other kitten, Opal, especially needed a friend. Of course, Inky couldn't be a playful friend to Inky for a long time since he was so sick, but Opal loved him so much and checked in on him and tried to play with him. Even though Inky was just curled up sleeping 90% of the time for the last few months, his presence was very much missed after he passed. 

This past week I set out on a mission to not exactly fill the hole in our hearts, but to maybe just to help build on another chunk next to the gap. I have spent some time talking to the girls about how bringing in another kitten doesn't keep us from missing Inky any less, and that enjoying a new little guy doesn't mean we loved Inky any less. It can be really conflicting for little girls' hearts to repair and open at the same time, but we all were very enthusiastic about adding a new member to the family.

We've only had him for less than 24 hours and while he isn't immediately being a playful little spastic like our Opal is, we have high hopes that once he settles in he will play more and snuggle less. I have to say, however, that having a kitten who is a snuggler is pretty darn awesome, as Opal is far too busy to snuggle and Inky was mostly too scared to snuggle. 

And a shot of our gorgeous girl, Opal

We found our boy through a local cat rescue and were FAR more impressed with this place than we were with the place where we got Opal and Inky. If you are in the Seattle area, PLEASE check out Forgotten Felines on the ol' Facebook. The woman who runs this rescue does it out of her home and she has a bunch of teeny little kittens who are waiting to grow a bit before they go off their forever homes! 

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