Monday, April 07, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

A supreme lack of running this week because of my knee. Two words for that: It. Sucked. Well, I did have a wonderful 12 mile run on Saturday, but once I was done my knee let me know it was not happy with me.

My physical therapist recommended that I not run until my Saturday long run. This week also saw two almost total rest days back-to-back, for no other reason than I was just too lazy to figure out what to do instead. 

Total Miles Run: 12

Monday: Yoga

Again, my favorite. My instructor must have gotten all up in my subconscious for this class, because everything she did was perfect runner-y stuff. 

Tuesday: Walk 4 Miles

I helped out with a field trip Iris' class took and we had a lot of walking to do. And not just walking, but up and down and up and down hills. It was fantastic, and my knee didn't complain, so it was a decent sub for running that day.

Wednesday: Workout With Trainer

I met my trainer at a local park, right on the water, and she led me through a warm-up and some drills and tons of great new "pull" exercises. Lots of fun stuff with the bosu ball, too. I am such a dummy. It didn't occur to me to actually stand on the ball part of the bosu, and she had me doing some squats that way. I have very poor balance, which is probably why I never stood on my bosu, so it took me a while to get through some of the sets! 

Thursday: Massage 

I got a massage for the first time in a while. The therapist worked exclusively on my lower body. When I walked out of the office I wasn't too sure it helped that much, but I have to say, the next day I was feeling more normal. Not great, but normal. Thursday I was also noticing that my hamstring wasn't bugging me as much recently and I went to try "legs up the wall" which typically is almost impossible for me to do without serious discomfort and sure enough, I was able to do it! Not sure what that is about? Curious if it's calming down because I haven't run this week or if I am really doing what needs to be done to help it relax. Either way, hurrah!

Friday: Random Strength/Stretching

Nothing that could be called a workout, but just needed to get in my booty exercises and stretches. I swear, I'm going to look like Kim Kardashian when I am "done" with these exercises. Which is pretty awesome considering I come from a long line of flat-assed women. 

Saturday: 12 Miles Run

I met up with Sally again, joining her for the last 12 of her 22 miler. Yes, 22 miles. Isn't that amazing? I felt like I was just as exhausted from my 12 as she was from her 22 when we finished. Sally is running Big Sur in a few weeks and I am so excited for her. It will be her tenth marathon! 

Sally and I post-run!

My 12 miles went well. My knee pain mostly stayed away, just whimpered a bit here and there, which was honestly about as good as I could have expected.

My weird sorta sideways obligatory Garmin photo. I was surprised our run was so "slow" 
but then realized we had a ton of hills, and I also never stop my watch at road crossings.  

Unfortunately, I was pretty darn wiped for the rest of the day, and my knee pain just kept getting worse. It feels like something is pulling on it, and interestingly, when I foam roll my IT band it puts a lot pressure on my inner knee. Not sure what is up with that, but it might support my PT's idea that my IT band is pulling my knee out of alignment, I suppose.

All in all, it really sucks. I feel like this will likely be the end of my 3rd attempt at marathon training, as history has showed that I don't recover from my injuries quickly enough to make up for my missed training and go on to run my goal race.

Post-run movie. Love this one! 

Sunday: Strength Training

I did my "push" workout. It was really hard, I think my legs were still pretty tired from Saturday's run. 

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