Monday, April 14, 2014

Running Wild: Weekly Wrap-up

A truly wonderful week of running! I am feeling strong and confident again, which is great, because things were looking pretty dire there. And who knows, they may get there again, so I am definitely going to embrace the awesome, because I have spent far too much of my running days embracing the suck.

Total Miles Run: 21.5

Monday: Yard Work

I skipped yoga in favor of lots of lifting and digging and working my ass off in our vegetable beds. Considering how much I sweat during the project I am absolutely going to go ahead and call it a workout!

Tuesday: 3 Miles Run

Nothing fancy. In fact, I am not even sure I remember this workout?

Wednesday: Strength

I did my new "pull" workout, which went like this:
*lateral shuffle with exercise band around the ankles
*squat on bosu ball
*stork stance with bungee cobra-- okay,  a weird name for this. Attach an exercise band about waist high, the hinge at the hip, holding one leg straight up behind you. Arms are extended overhead then they pull straight down in front. 
*one leg squat with bungee row-- with the same exercise band, stand with one leg bent and off the ground and the opposite arm holding the band close to the body. Hinge at the hip, extend raised leg behind you and the arm holding the band out in front.
*balancing bicep curl
*bent over dumbbell row with staggered stance
*front and lateral raises while kneeling on bosu
*twisting lateral plank
*hamstring press on bosu
I then did an ab sequence which was:
*side plank with dips
*ab crunch with weight
*curl up crunch
*chinnies (my trainer's word for a bicycle crunch)
*single leg v-up
*push through crunch

Okay, that is A LOT of exercises. No wonder it took me so darn long! 

Thursday: 4.5 Miles Run

I tried to keep my running intervals to 9 min/miles, but I did stop to walk a few times. 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 14 Miles Run 

I wrote about this amazing run yesterday . . . 

Sunday: A Light Strength Workout

Basic moves with abs and some rolling, myofascial release. 

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