Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Training for "My Sport"

I think I officially train to run more than I actually run. So, if I considered running to be my sport, you could say I am almost always training for my sport. I suppose that's a good thing? It's a little frustrating to me when I see so many runners I know (in real life and online) who only run. How do they do that?! To be honest, I enjoy strength training. I enjoy going to yoga. I enjoy the foam rolling/myofascial release/stretching. What I don't enjoy is the pressure to keep it all up. Feels like I'm holding all of these balls in the air, and my body is mostly responding well to all of the hard work (except for my stupid knee), but I am scared to let anything fall. 

My trainer is awesome, but sometimes she gives me these epic workouts with a whole bunch of moves and I need to to do two sets of like 20 reps of each thing. A lot of the time I put in a bunch of work, but I don't always end up doing the entire thing. Today I had to do all of this balancing stuff-- squats on a bosu ball, one legged something or others. They take me forever to either maintain my balance, or pick myself up from toppling over. 

So what else is up?

Today I cancelled my StrideBox. Of course, had I cancelled it yesterday I would have saved myself a month of $$. Ah, well. I have received three boxes so far and each one was worse than the last. This month was by far the worst, it included Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter cups and holy god, they were awful. I threw them out after one bite. I don't like fake candy. I like real, HFCS-filled candy. I thought it was interesting that when I cancelled my membership I was never asked why. Seems like they might use their customer's feedback to improve things? 

I also a bit annoyed with Amazon. I have been ordering a four pack of nuun from them forever, seriously, I have probably ordered 15 boxes of these and they have always been $17.99. Always. Today the box is $26.00! What the heck?! I think I need to lay off my nuun habit. 

And . . . today's the day the Ragnar team I am captain of finds out their runner positions! I find this terribly exciting. Spoiler alert: I'm runner #11. Super, super, SUPER excited to be in van #2 this year-- it is going to be so very different from last year! I have to say I'm also excited to not have to leave as early as van #1 and not have to drive all the way up to Blaine to start the race. We get to start in Bellingham. (and, I am the runner who will run over Deception Pass, which simultaneously scares the shit out of me and thrills me to no end). 

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