Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Could It Be This Simple?

Yet another appointment with my chiropractor and I *think* we continue to make some serious progress. Last time I was in she stressed that she wanted me to do three things: 

1. walk around my house barefoot  
2. practice standing with my foot in a "tripod" position (this is a good blog post to explain it)
3. "toe walk" across the floor. Toe walking is standing and using only your toes to reach out, then scrunch up and pull your foot forward. 

All of these exercises are to help strengthen my feet. What is one very good reason for getting repeated stress fractures? WEAK FEET. Or rather, a weak foot, as my case may be. I discovered when doing my toe walking for the past few days that my right foot is much stronger and can move twice as far forward as my left foot can! 

I think it's pretty common to connect certain injuries to weaknesses in the body-- ie, IT band and hamstring pain can mean weak glutes--at least, it absolutely did for me!-- but in all of my time seeking help for my stress fractures, no one has specifically helped me build up my foot strength.

I am not terribly surprised that my left foot is weaker, as apparently my entire left side is more weak than my right. This is a bit odd, but whatever, we know it's there and are fixing it. 

So I am left wondering, could it really be that simple? Can I fix my stress fractures by strengthening my foot? I guess we'll find out!

The other exciting news is my chiropractor wants me to try running MORE. Crazy, right? Same thing my orthopedist said! I was doing about 10 mile weeks over the past couple, so she said aim for about 14 miles this week, up to 4 miles per run. Sold! Both she and my orthopedist really smushed and smashed my foot with no tell-tale pin-point stress fracture pain, so she thinks running with some general achiness is fine. Of course, I have to watch for pain and stop if I feel any. 

Wish me luck! 

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